Morning Meme: Daniel Tosh Sets a New Nude Gay Standard, Jane Lynch Takes Over Fox, and Who Should Play Elizabeth Taylor?

It seems only a year or so ago that I recall Elizabeth Taylor tweeting something to
the effect that “the only person who is going to play Elizabeth Taylor while I’m
alive is me.” Sadly, she’s gone. Now Martin
is said to be planning a movie about her torrid affair with Richard Burton. NoMike O'Malley word on casting.

Fox has ordered a second episode of Family Album starring Mike O’Malley, making it much more
likely that it will get picked up as a midseason show. As long as he still has
time to be TV’s Best Dad.

Deric Richie has issued a public apology for faking the teen suicide
report about fictional Terrel Williams.
His reasons, using it as a coping mechanism for his own despair at being gay,
are heartbreaking, but the reaction to his apology are mixed. You should read
his own words.

OWN is set to premiere their documentary on designer and filmmaker Tom Ford June 24th. Among the tidbits? He seldom wears a
tie because they give him migraines. Still, it’s going to be interesting to see
the camera turned around on Ford.

I don’t know how to react to the news out of Japan that a squad
of senior citizens is volunteering
to go into the fallen nuclear power
plant to stabilize operations so that younger works don’t have to risk their
lives. The seniors say they’re past childbearing age, and have lived good lives,
and wouldn’t have time to form tumors with their remaining years. It’s
remarkable, and I can’t imagine it happening in the United States.

Judas KissNew York City had so much ridiculous going on with not-candidate
Sarah Palin and not-candidate Donald Trump meeting up publicly for pizza. But what offends New Yorkers
isn’t their politics, it’s that Sarah Palin used a knife and fork to eat her
pizza. Pick it up!

Judas Kiss is
ready for preorder
on DVD for a fall release, meaning you can finally agree
with me about the film being fun to watch. And full of cute boys.

Jon Stewart
devoted a huge portion of his show the other night to Weinergate, and firebrand
Rep. Anthony Weiner having a crotch
shot show up on Twitter that was only seen by one conservative blogger with an
agenda. And he came out and said it was fake. Now Weiner himself goes on CNN and says he cannot “say with
certitude” that that is not his junk. I feel that I’m being punked.

Anti-gay NY State Senator
Ruben Diaz
sat down, dressed as one of the Village People, to defend his comments that homosexuality is just like beastiality.
It’s so worth a read in full.

Over at doorQ, they realized that up-and-coming Teen
star Colton Haynes had
once done a playful spread for defunct gay glossy XY Mag. So they ran a few
shots while talking about his newfound starring role. Now an aggressive Colton Hayneslawyer
for Mr. Haynes is sending cease-and-desist letters about the pictures
being pornography, that are so over the top, you have to read them to believe.
Mr. Lawyer: It’s O.K. Lots of models do spreads for gay
magazines. And for Abercrombie & Fitch, which Hayes also did. Airlock Alpha has reached out to Haynes’ publicist.

I love Raising Hope, I really do. But now
that they’ve promoted Cloris Leachman
to series regular, I’m not sure. A little bit of Cloris,
especially in this character, goes a long way.

It turns out having a religious experience shrinks the brain.

Twitter is going to launch an integrated photosharing service. I’m hopeful that they don’t
do a weird licensing deal with a photo agency, because those have really cut
back on my candid celebrity coverage.

Warren MoonDepending on your age, Clarice
was either Grandma Huxtable
on The
Cosby Show
, or Harriet on Sesame
. Either way, she was a sweet part of your life. She passed away at the age of 93.

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon says that he’s absolutely certain he played with gay players
in the NFL, and could even name some other gay players in the NFL, but won’t
because they’re not public with it themselves. It’s a nearly flawless statement
until “It really doesn’t bother me what your sexual preference is as along as
you don’t bring in your sexual preferences to the locker room. I think that
should be for homosexuals and heterosexuals.” And that hits on the core problem
with perception of gays and lesbians being out – “be that way, but not in our
faces.” And you can’t even explain to them what’s wrong with that.

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