Morning Meme: Darren Criss Reportedly Turns Down “The X Factor,” James Franco Heads To “Hollywood Heights,” and “Super Best Friends Forever” Go Joy Riding

Darren Criss was reportedly offered the hosting job for The X Factor next season, but turned it down because he was too busy. Simon Cowell can’t seem to catch a break, can he?Darren Criss

A five-year-old boy, who has never had his hair cut, is now going to because the kids at school tell him he looks like a girl. Teachable moment lost?

James Franco evidently had a spare five minutes and booked an arc on Nick At Nite’s primetime soap Hollywood Heights. The show will premiere in June and air five nights/week.

Marriage equality opponents have officially launched their petition signature drives in Washington state and Maryland.

I read A Gay Marine Reflects on the End of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and I admit I bristled a bit at what I read. There’s a lot of conflict and painful actions in that story. But I reminded myself that we all have our own journey to coming out, and this was his, so welcome to the party, Marine, we’re glad you finally made it.

Brandon RouthBrandon Routh, set to play a gay vegan in Partners, announced that he was expecting his first child with wife Courtney Ford.

Sean Patrick Maloney, openly gay aid to former New York governors Spitzer and Paterson has announced plans to run for Congress for the seat being vacated by Rep. Maurice Hinchey.

Michael Fassbender is in talks to star in The Mountain Between Us, about a man and a woman who survive a plane crash in the Colorado mountains and fall in love while fighting for survival. The big question is: Does he show his wang in it?

Bret Easton Ellis is still an asshat.

Kayhan Parsi, an associate professor in the Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics & Health Policy of Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine has called Jon Stewart “our greatest public intellectual.”

Donald Trump, Jr. is pro-equality, pro-choice, a bit of a redneck, and basically the opposite of his blowhard father in every way. Now if he just didn’t glorify hunting endangered animals, I could like him.

I’m not really that familiar with Mandrake the Magician, but Warner thinks they can make a major motion picture out of the character.

Rex Lee is aware that he’s basically the only male on Suburgatory that hasn’t gotten naked yet, but after last night’s episode, I’d recommend knocking on hisRex Lee door if it’s closed.

Dr. Grant Colfax has been appointed the Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy. He’s served as director of the HIV Prevention and Research Section at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and at San Francisco General Hospital.

DARPA has figured out how to turn snails into living batteries and hopes to use them to power listening devices. If you find one, just walk very quickly away, and you should be good for a while.

GLAAD announced the Commentator Accountability Project, a database of hateful statements about GLBT people from talking heads. It’s meant to be a resource to bookers on news programs who may not be aware of the agendas of people like Tony Perkins.

Denmark plans equal marriage by June. I find myself somewhat surprised they don’t already have it.

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe says he was dogged by gay rumors because he “had a gay face.” Actually, he was just adorable, and we can’t pass up a good wand joke.

The Iowa principal who invited Junkyard Prophet to scream hate at gays and women will be resigning, but the school board says that it’s been in motion since before the assembly. In fact, it sounds a lot like a promotion.

Warner Bros. is now reconsidering Arthur & Lancelot, but with Colin Farrell in a lead role. The film had been cast with Kit Harrington and Joel Kinnamen last year, but the studio grew wary of the $130 million budget.


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