Morning Meme: Dave Navarro Reaches Out To GLBT Youth, Scott Thompson’s Mammogram, and Remaking “The Munsters”

Michael Bolton
got voted off Dancing With the Stars
the other night. I know, tragedy. But he’s being a little petty about a comment
from out

judge Bruno Tonioli, who
called Bolton’s jive the worst he’d seen in eleven seasons. Bolton wants an
apology, but the producers say it would be silly of them to force an
apology from a judge for being judgmental. Plus, could you imagine what Simon Cowell would have do if this were

I’ve never paid a lot of attention to Dave Navarro, at least not after Rockstar: INXS. But he seems like a good guy – he supports PETA, and he’s
written an open letter to gay, bi and transgender teens that shows him
to be fond of humans as well as animals. Count me in as a fan of the man, Dave Navarro.

Scott Adams is
the master of pointing out the pain of the workplace in Dilbert, but with his opinion on voice calls being obsolete, and
long live the text message, I think he’s relevant again. “Texting is way
better. It can fill in all of the tiny spaces in life while you’re waiting for
something else to happen and a voice call would be too large for the space.
When I get a text alert, it always makes me happy, even before I read the
message. When my phone rings, I think, Uh-oh, what fresh hell is this?”

As an art form, opera is pretty old. And my experience is
that old doesn’t love change. So when the Metropolitan Opera installed a fancy
45-ton, platform with 24 moving planks to enable a totally new performance of Wagner, something was bound to go wrong, and strand actors all over
the stage.

I’m unfamiliar with Mark
Nemesis, but I’m fairly
certain no movie deserves a $450 million budget. I’d rather have
110 films like The Kids Are All Right
at $4 million each.

Sir Ian McKellen
takes issue with Stonewall not having marriage equality on their agenda, and as a
co-founder of the group, I’d say he should have an idea of the group’s purpose.

Dumping Big Brother
from Channel 4 not only ups the IQ of everyone in the UK, it also frees up cash
for two new shows. One, Beaver Falls,
sounds promising
.  It’s about three
British lads who con their way into an American summer camp for Manhattan’s beautiful,
rich offspring. Gossip Girl meets Oxford Blues meets Camp Rock.

Judge Vaughn Walker,
who struck down Proposition 8 this summer, announced today that he intends to retire from the bench
after 21 years of public service. The 66-year-old intends to return to the
private sector.

Ronnie Kroell has responded to yesterday’s Morning Meme. And Queerty has also weighed in.

I have to wonder if editor Michael Jensen had as much fun interviewing Kids In the Hall’s Scott
as Vulture did. Still, it feels weird to hear him say “I
wish I’d been a little more dignified.”

Vulture also got to sit down with David Sedaris to talk about his new book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, which I just started reading. I’m hoping I understand more about what he was going for after I go hear Sedaris read it.

Christopher Nolan
is directing Batman 3.
Somehow I didn’t realize that would be news.

A high school in Michigan has stripped the Homecoming King of his crown because he is
transgender. But the good news is that the students are rallying behind him.

Guillermo del Toro
has signed on to consult with Dreamworks Animation on a variety of films,
including Kung Fu Panda 2.

Geek comic
HijiNKS ENSUE imagines how that will work.

From the lost in translation file, when Jersey Shore hits Japan, it will be called Macaroni

As of 20

09, the number of young adults (25-34 year-olds) who
have never been married surpassed the number who have been. I wonder if letting
gays marry could tip the scales back?

Indonesia’s gay film festival has been met with violent protests, and threats to “burn
them out.”

The British Army is telling the Americans that allowing gay
soldiers to serve openly has increased productivity.

NBC has ordered a pilot from out super producer Bryan Fuller for a remake of The
. It’s being described as “Modern
meets True Blood.” Does
that mean Eddie Munster will be gay?

A Field Guide to Gays and Bisexuals on TV. I wish I’d
thought of this.

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