Morning Meme: David Furnish Is a Hot Daddy, a Night With Rock Hudson, and Gay Boy Problems with Jeffery Self

While Sir Elton John
was trying his best to make Saturday Night Live watchable, his
partner David Furnish was photographed out and about withDavid Furnish Elton John a new tattoo on his
arm: Zachary. Now I just want to
know if the person who wrote the article at knew what they were
writing with “in West Hollywood, the smiling 48-year-old daddy sported fresh
ink on his forearm.”

A new study in California finds that older (50-70) gay men
are more likely to suffer depression, live alone and suffer from issues like
high blood pressure than their straight counterparts. Of course that could be
because they can’t get married and take care of each other, just a thought.

Hop looks to have finished with a respectable $38.1 million for the weekend, higher than expected. Jake Gyllenhaal may still have a career after Source Code (aka Groundhog
meets Déjà vu) had a decent $15.1 million opening. Suckerpunch
scored one of the worst second weeks drops in history, scoring only $6.1

The more I read about Rubber, the story of a murderous tire
out for revenge, the more stunned I am that they seem to be pitching this as an art house film, as opposed to something
that Troma would laugh at.

David Bowie

In this Glee spoiler, I’m not sure if I
should call it a spoiler. Just because something is happening doesn’t mean you
know what it means. And the fact that Sue
is dressing up as David
doesn’t really give much away.

It turns out that nasty comment that Miley Cyrus made about Rebecca
? It’s being called a “misquote.” It seems she actually said
it about her friend, Justin Bieber.

Fox News has hired the bag of meat with orange hair for their
morning show, since he seemed to be the only possible Republican presidential candidate
that hadn’t/isn’t on the Fox News payroll.

Openly gay progressive Republican Fred Karger just won a straw poll in New Hampshire. I think he should
probably savor this victory like it’s his last.

It turns out you can make
plastic out of chicken feathers
instead of petroleum, which is good since
we seem to be Rock Hudsonhaving supply issues with petroleum. But isn’t Colonel Sanders rich enough?

Activists are reviving a bill that would require California schools to teach about GLBT
historical figures alongside other minorities in history. This is great on
several levels, since we get our stories told. With the size of California it
also provides a counterbalance to Texas requiring their text books be stripped
of anything remotely liberal.

If you love to read about old Hollywood, then Mark S. King’s amazing “My Sad and Trivial Night with Rock Hudson” is a must read.
It wasn’t at all what I expected when I started reading it, and kind of blew my
mind. But much of what Mark writes at My
Fabulous Disease
blows my mind.

Charlie Sheen bombed in Detroit this weekend. I mean, people walked out
of his show. What else would people in Detroit have to do these days? (Please
don’t hurt me! I even drive an American car.)

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