Morning Meme: David Tennant Camps It Up, Stephen Colbert Apologizes to the Gays, and Dancing Dark Horse Matt Bomer

The unlikely, but infinitely appealing combination of Darren Criss, Susan Sarandon, and Laura
are the new faces of clothing giant Darren CrissUniqlo. Previously, all I knew
about Uniqlo was that Russell Tovey
slept in their boxer shorts. Not I know they design clothes with boobs in mind.

Just when I thought that Locke & Key was dead,
there’s news that MTV may have an interest in the show if they can afford
production. From what I know of the series, it could make an interesting
companion for Teen Wolf. Put some of that Jersey Shore money to

Job application, or Grindr ad?

Reese Witherspoon
is recovering at home after being struck
by a car while jogging
. I knew exercise was going to kill someone

A huge NASA satellite is going to make an uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere, and it’s likely
that at least a dozen pieces will impact the surface at unknown locations. Now
where is the next Republican debate being held again?

NBC is developing a comedy titled My Best Friend is a Lesbo.
It’s based on the real life friendship of of writers and longtime roommates Sascha Rothchild and Randi Barnes, who will pen the pilot.
It’s just what it says, two friends, one lesbian and one Kristen Chenowethstraight, who help
each other navigate life and love in Los Angeles. With Josh Schwartz behind the project, it has a serious shot at making
it, but probably with a new title.

Kristen Chenoweth
has no problem reconciling her Christian faith with her
acceptance of gays and push for equality. “I read my Bible and I pray and
all of that – I really do. But at the same time, I don’t think being gay is a
sin. Period.”

Vulture talked to the Chippendales
director of operations to find out of the cast of Magic Mike has what it takes to rake in the cash. “Joe Manganiello already looks the part,
but needs to shave (‘Joe’s werewolf facial hair would have to go’), Alex Pettyfer better get on his protein
shakes (‘He’s got good dancing skills, but he would need to bulk up a little’),
and Matthew Bomer, well, ‘he could
be the dark horse that comes out of nowhere and out-dances everybody.’”

Rookie Blue is coming back next summer for another season, and they just nabbed William
for the cast. Shatner isn’t reprising his TJ Hooker character, but
will instead play a drunk driver. Which I suppose could still be his TJ Hooker character.

I hate that Toddlers & Tiaras and the little
girl dressed as a prostitute from Pretty Woman has put me on the same side of a debate as the Parents Television Council.Cher

At this point, Cher
has no plans to attend a taping of Dancing With the Stars.
At least until her new single is ready.

Julie Newmar doesn’t envy anyone who has to play Catwoman these days, because everything is so dark and serious. She
thinks it was better when she and Adam
did it.

Gwenyth Paltrow has joined the indie dramedy Thanks For Sharing,
starring Mark Ruffalo as a sex
addict. The movie also stars Jolie
, which, as the article notes, makes it seem likely that Ryan Murphy has a hand in the casting

If you were wondering just which Medicare-eligible action
stars would headline The Expendables 2, here’s your answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger andRobert Pine Bruce Willis have just been confirmed
for the cast.

HHS has put into effect new guidelines to help patients in hospitals that receive
Medicare and Medicaid designate who can make decisions about their heath and
choose who can visit them while they’re sick. The will benefit same-sex partners
as well as unmarried partners.

Parks & Recreation has tapped CHiPs’ Robert Pine for the upcoming season.
Can he still wear those super tight polyester pants?

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