Morning Meme: Defending Tracy Morgan, Small Town Pride, and “From Dollywood To Hollywood”

We largely covered the Tony Awards last night, but here’s a
list of Neil Patrick Harris’ best jokes. He had a lot of them. When can we elect him our
leader?Neil Patrick Harris

In news that seems to surprise some, but not me, the “Gay Girl
In Damascus” lesbian blogger rumored to have been kidnapped never existed. It was a 40-year-old American man.

Ron Nyswaner, the
gay writer behind Philadelphia, is currently producing a movie with Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan. He attempts the most insulting apologist piece about Morgan to date. There
were tears? You bet there were tears, but Morgan’s don’t interest me.

Author Anna Quindlen
gave the commencement address at Grinnell College, and what
she said doesn’t distill well. But the heart of it seems to be that the baby
boomers have destroyed America by focusing on money, but today’s youth can
rebuild it. It’s a good read, and I expect Fox News to denounce her in 3-2-1.

Act of Valour is a Navy SEALs movie that had no major names and
little studio interest. That was before SEAL Team 6 took out Osama bin Laden.  Clarence ClemonsNow Relativity is paying $13 million for the movie and guaranteeing a $30
million advertising budget. They hope to have it in theaters for 9/11/11. I
feel like I need a shower after writing that.

E Street Band
saxophonist Clarence Clemons has suffered a stroke. It’s not known how badly it’s
affected him, but Rolling Stone calls it serious.

I’ve always been a fan or R.L. Stine’s, and I’ve recently become a fan of Richard Harmon through Tower
and Judas Kiss (I hear The Killing is amazing as well). So
it’s great news that he won a Leo award for his role in The Haunting Hour.

Seth Meyers
thinks people are so
passionate about hating
Saturday Night Live because they
have ownership of the show. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that the show just
isn’t funny anymore.

Sean Chapin,
fresh from having gotten the San
Francisco Giants
to make an It Gets Better video, has set his sights on getting NBC to dump Tracy
.Syed and Christian

Dustin Lance Black
has initiated the DLB Video Challenge, asking GLBT folks to submit their
stories. But he’s especially after stories from his once-home of Texas. It
doesn’t have to be coming out, it can be marriage, break up, marching – just your

The BBC has been so under pressure about showing two men in
bed together on EastEnders they’ve finally issued a statement. But that’s not
the fun part. The fun part is The Guardian responding to the idiots that park their
children in front of an adult soap and yet find two men in bed beside each other
more objectionable than the drugs, murder and straight sex that happens on that show every day.
They just eviscerate the X-Men:First Classsmall-minded fools. It’s a must read.

Super 8 dominated the box office, earning a cool $38 million. Pretty good for a
movie for which all signs pointed to a disappointing opening. X-Men: First Class held
relatively strong with another $25 million for second place.

The AP takes a look at the curious trend of religious
conservatives to try and brand gays as bullies for simply asking that
they stop bashing us.

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