Morning Meme: Dominic Purcell’s Second Prison Break, “Charlie’s Angels” a Go, and “Codependent Lesbian Alien Seeks Same”

The Vanity Fair
profile of Sir Ian McKellen is full of fun facts. He prefers just “Ian” to “Sir Ian.”
He says there is no sex in Middle Earth. And that “I’m Gandalf and Magneto” Photoshop
from this summer really pissed him off. What wasn’t revealed was why he didn’t
walk out of the interview for as frequently as he seemed perturbed by the

Rep. Louie Gohmert
(R-TX), most famous for his hysterical “terror babies” speeches (though his
anti-gay record is spotless) is proposing a bill that would allow members of Congress to
carry guns in the chamber. In the race for crazy elected officials, South
Carolina needs to step up their game.

Captain America
has a new anti-suicide, free one-shot written by a psychologist
that they hope will help teens understand how needed they are in the world.

The Parents Television Council has called MTV’s Skins “the most dangerous show for
children that we have ever seen.” And not for the reasons we think it’s
dangerous. Naturally, MTV wears this as a badge of honor.

Brad Goreski has put together his favorite award show looks in one handy
article. What I want to know is his least favorite looks.

Prison Break hunk Dominic Purcell is said to be a last
minute dark horse leader to step into Andy Whitfield’s sandals on Spartacus:
Blood and Sand
. Let’s hope he isn’t as shy about nudity as Andy was.

If he doesn’t get the part, maybe he can be a body guard for
Martha Stewart, who got head butted
by her dog
while whispering good night to the pooch. She published
pictures, and she got cut up pretty bad and had to have a plastic surgeon
stitch her up.

Charlie’s Angels is going to pilot. So now casting is open for the angels,
and the hunk they plan on having play Bosley (who really needs to be gay). One
role that’s already filled is Charlie, who will be voiced by Robert Wagner. Wagner owns part of the property, so casting him was
cheaper than fighting him in court.

In an unsurprising and yet disappointing move, the DoJ has filed briefs to defend DOMA on appeal. They’re
actually arguing the federal government has a vested interest in discriminating
during a time of change while states sort out human rights.

Two of my favorite behind-the-scenes Hollywood players, Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg are set to write Randall
and Hopkirk(Deceased)
for SyFy. Not only do they have awesome geek cred (worked with Whedon), understand the storytelling, and have impressive resumes, you truly can’t find
a more nicer pair in Hollywood.

The Glee reality
show will include a Glee boot camp,
and Ryan Murphy will get involved at a later stage, once the 40,000
auditions are whittled down.

It turns out Dave
is just about as strange (in a good way) as his brother James. Among the many projects he’s working on are a movie for
James and himself, playing Jamie and Davey, and shot in their family home, with
their family as players.

If I had to guess, any journalist that asked SyFy if they were worried about
comparisons to Twilight with Being Human USA has never thought more about it
other than “werewolf, vampire, girl.”

I don’t have to agree with GLAAD on everything. When I first saw their
call to action
, asking people to protest two radio stations giving Westboro
Baptist air time not to picket the 9-year-old Tuscon victim’s funeral, saying
we “shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists” I was furious. Sometimes you just
accept imperfect solutions to pressing problems. At least they’ve removed “terrorists”
from the call to action. You can make up your own minds.

I do get intellectual property, and am maybe a little less
of a Fair Use person than I used to be since I started writing, but some things
baffle me. In a pantomime, a nurse wore a cap with a classic red cross on it.
So the Red Cross sent a cease-and-desist letter, remind the play that the “red
cross” emblem was protected under the Geneva Conventions. Do we really see a
conflict here?

Sources say Christina
is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. She has
the pipes, I just hope she doesn’t play around and wail on every note.

Actor John Dye has passed away at age 47. Dye was most famous for playing
the angel of death on Touched By An Angel.
Our thoughts and condolences to his friends and family.

Just a reminder, when Congress rushed to repeal Don’t Ask
Don’t Tell, they failed to repeal the little-enforced Article 125 of
the Universal Code of Military Justice, which prohibits sodomy, and was not
struck down by Lawrence due to the deference the court extends to the military.
So … yeah.


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