Morning Meme: “Dr. Horrible” Sequel Inches Forward, Chatting With “90210″‘s Freddie Smith, and James Duke Mason Is a Trailblazer


Alan Cumming has
been signed to a new three year deal for The Good Wife, which
probably bodes well for both his character and the show.Alan Cumming

In what has to be more effective that mailing bars of soap
to the network, Hoover has just pulled all their advertising from ABC – not just
daytime – to protest the cancellation of All My Children and One
Life To Live
. Not that it will have any effect, but it’s a great

In all the news about Queerty going under, I almost skipped
reading this post on the topic from Pam Spaulding. She’s having issues over at House Blend, and it
seems the Righthaven law firm is a huge part of her problem.

In case you were worried, the monkey from The
Hangover II
is not addicted to cigarettes, nor did it Hangover IIactually do cocaine
during the shoot. In short, no monkeys were harmed in the making of this film.

Over at TheWrap, they seem surprised that the L.A. Times chose to run “faggot”
without asterisk when discussing the Kobe
incident. The L.A. Times  says that since the slur itself was the story,
they would have been silly to censor it (like many outlets did). I seem to
remember someone else saying something similar one time.

TV Land is going to launch a spinoff of Hot In Cleveland starring
Cedric the Entertainer. Which is
great and all, but he’s not on the show is he? That seems contrived. But at
least Sean Hayes will get richer.

Since I was so confused yesterday, Lil B reiterates, he’s not gay, he just wants to title his album “I’m Gay,”
because words don’t mean anything. From a man who makes his living with words.

Former Solicitor
General Paul Clement
will lead the House defense of DOMA, and Speaker Boehner wants to divert unknown
funds from theSpeaker Boehner Department of Justice to pay for the $1000/hour lawyer and his
team. Because the DoJ has nothing else to do.

Bugs and Daffy are back to television on Cartoon Network starting May 3rd
on The
Looney Tunes Show
. I hope they don’t screw this up – more Animaniacs
than Muppet

Is your smartphone app using the camera and even microphone to spy on your environment?
Quite possibly yes, and that creeps me out. If one does it, how do I know the
iPhone isn’t controlled and monitored by the NSA? Which is run by the cats, you

Joss Whedon says he has several songs and even a plot for the Dr.
sequel, but sadly, everyone involved has real jobs that take
priority. Heck, I think Neil Patrick
has eight or nine jobs, plus the twins.

That photograph that everyone thought Facebook censored of
the two guys kissing? Well, not so much censored as the guy who owned the event made it
private because of the hate mail. As for the gay media, we may have jumped to a
conclusion rather quickly.

Early ratings numbers indicate that A Game of Thrones didn’t post huge numbers for the premiere. Fortunately, HBO
doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the ratings.

Remember that study that came up with 9 million GLBT
Americans? I think I even called the methodology questionable when I posted it.
Now someone with a bunch of letters after their name has not only calledChris Evans the
methodology questionable, but downright laughable.

Of his scrawny self in Captain America, Chris Evans says that wasn’t weird to look at, because that’s what he
looked like in middle school. Somehow I feel better knowing he wasn’t always so
physically perfect.



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