Morning Meme: Dustin Lance Black Talks Kirk Cameron, Theo James Is a “Golden Boy” and Ricky Martin Was Born This Way

While Deadline calls him virtually unknown in the U.S., I’m sure my readers are aware of Theo James, who strutted around in a towel in Bedlam on BBC America. Now he’s replacedTheo James another of my favorite studs, Ryan Phillipe in Greg Berlanti’s cop drama Golden Boy.

Just nine months before his death in 1989, Keith Haring participated in a art project at The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center. Participants chose a room, and Haring chose a bathroom, creating an amazing orgy mural that few people ever saw. Now, after painstaking work, the space has been converted into a meeting space and the mural is on full display. It’s an orgy mural, so obviously NSFW.

The MPAA is praising 17-year-old Katy Butler as she delivered 200,000 signatures to have the rating changed for Bully, so it can be shown to people who most need to see it. Of course, they have no intention of doing what she wants. Homophobia, misogyny and graphic violence can be PG-13, but not a few f-bombs. Well, except in Canada, where the film just got a PG rating from sane people who have values that include teenagers not killing themselves because they’ve been bullied to death.

Colin FarrellSpeaking of bullying, Colin Farrell is joining Ireland’s Stand Up! Don’t Stand for Homophobic Bullying campaign, with memories of the taunting and pain his brother Eamon endured growing up gay. “Each individual, as a member of his and her community, must Stand Up! In the face of this appalling brutality that plagues our schools. In effect, bullying is no less than the systematic doling out of pain upon the innocent.  It is literally laughing in the face of somebody as they fall into increasingly grave danger. It’s not my place to draw parallels, but we have had enough of such hardships. The world has.”

Apple announced their new iPad yesterday, with Retina display and killer graphics and LTE. Suddenly, my existing iPad feels rotten and dirty. Must. Have. Precious. Seriously considering the LTE version.

In a world of AutoTune and synthesizers, is it even possible to reboot Name That Tune successfully? How many notes does it take to recognize the hook to a Lady Gaga song? And with the same five mega-producers working on everyone’s albums, don’t they all sound alike?

Not only is Josh Hutcherson perfect ex-boyfriend material, he’s a good guy. While promoting the most over-promoted movie in a decade, he dropped into a Gay-Straight Alliance meeting in a Los Angeles high school to talk about his work with Straight But Not Narrow.

In what has to be one of the odder legal developments in the marriage equality struggle, the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund has filed for standing to defend Hawaii’s civil union law. The logic seems to be that since the governor won’t defend it against a suit that it’s unconstitutional compared to full marriage equality, the anti-gay bigots will sue to preserve the civil unions they used to fight against.

Skins has been canceled, but they supposedly have a few episodes left for some fan service. Who wants to know what Maxxie is up to these days?Mitch Hewer

One would think after so many years in Hollywood, Martin Sheen would have so much cash he wouldn’t care anymore. But he’s completely up front that he did The Amazing Spider-Man for the cash, so that he can then do little indie projects like Stella Days.

Brett Ratner might actually be that rare thing – a guy who learned from his mistake. As the fallout from his comments took him out of the Oscars, he’s working with GLAAD, and now co-curating a contest for PSAs for GLSEN. “We’re going to have a bunch of filmmakers create PSAs about words that are not good to say Then I’m going present the winner with an at award at GLSEN’s Respect Awards.”

Gilead has released the results from Stage 3 trials for their new four part HIV medication. It’s basically Atripla with two new (unapproved) drugs which are designed to mitigate side effects of Atripla. It was good news, with fewer side effects reported, and higher percentages of patients hitting viral load targets.

Kraft has yanked their ads for Philly Cream Cheese from GCB after a few customers complained. Now I can’t argue with this since I’m cheerleading against Rush Limbaugh, but I haven’t heard Ricky Martinthe same level of noise about GCB. But my own mother, who attends church maybe twice/year, can’t bring herself to watch it because of the title. Yes, I told her she was being silly.

Wil Wheaton’s cats scare me more than most cats. They may be the ringleaders of a vast feline conspiracy.

Ricky Martin is speaking out against Nancy Alvarez, former host of Univision’s Quién Tiene la Razon after she told AOL Latino that people are made gay from “mistakes made by their parents.”

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