Morning Meme: Dylan O’Brien Sets Out For “The First Time,” “Teen Wolf” Seeking Hot Twin Werewolves, and “Glee” Heads For Sadness In New Preview

ABC Family’s The Fosters has cast the biological son of the lesbian couple with David Lambert, David Lambertand the troubled teen they take in will be played by Maia Mitchell.

It looks like Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane will not be going forward as a series. It evidently came off as too “high concept.”

The reddit effort to have Taylor Swift play a concert at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf has a happy ending, with the school being disqualified, but Swift is donating $10,000 to the school, and her sponsors are chipping in another $40,000 in donations.

The Supreme Court declined to take up the National Organization for Marriage’s appeal in the case of Maine’s financial disclosure laws, meaning they’ll have to reveal their donors per state law.

Danny StrongTeen Wolf has just announced an open call for two hot male actors to play twin werewolves on the show next season, and being ripped is a requirement. If we have any hot twins looking to break into show business, they’re accepting online auditions.

Danny Strong, who wrote HBO’s Game Change has been selected to adapt Mockingjay for the big screen.

The Southern Baptists have a “modest proposal” to give gays some rights to be together, but not marriage, because that’s not for relationships that should be treated like two maiden sisters living together.

IKEA has deleted all the women from their Saudi Arabian catalog, which while utterly ridiculous, provides for some oddly funny side-by-side comparisons.

While we’re talking about IKEA, they announced a plan to eliminate all lighting that isn’t LED by 2016, and plan to replace one million lights in their stores with LED fixtures.

Philadelphia has renamed a street in the heart of the gay village after gay rights pioneer Barbara Gittings.

In what sounds like an interesting concept, the folks behind Happy Endings have sold a pilot to CBS about a big, sports-crazed Irish-Catholic family in Boston and their gay son, who isn’t a black sheep because of his sexuality, but because he wants to spend less time with the family.

Surprisingly no one, the anti-gay Liberty Counsel has announced plans to sue the state of California over the brand new law that Jack Mackenrothwould ban reparative therapy for children under 18.

Depending on the translation, the pope, proving that he loves all of God’s children, says that gays are “a concept of human nature that has proven defective.” He also claims that his ideas are “not at all backward-looking but prophetic.”

Jack Mackenroth has launched a new social site for HIV+ gay men to meet, and he’s not pulling any punches that Volttage is a hookup site. “Every week I get about a dozen emails and Facebook messages from HIV-positive guys who want dating advice and often feel tainted and unlovable.  They think their dating life is over. I never have an easy answer for them. In our culture it seems like the responsibility of disclosure is always on the person with HIV, when in reality everyone is responsible for protecting themselves. The world is becoming more and more intertwined with the internet, and dating is no exception. Meeting guys online is especially attractive to HIV-Chris Kluwepositive guys because it’s an easy way to be upfront about your status without having ‘the conversation’.”

An attorney in Minnesota wrote an op-ed about how gay marriage would affect his own non-gay marriage by harming children. Chris Kluwe responded, and he had some great fun ripping apart the argument or really lack of an argument that you should read.

 Is it possible for gay men and straight men to be friends without sexual chemistry messing things up? This person with no emotional impulse control doesn’t think so. Since we mostly interact with straight people in our lives, we must be hitting on a lot of straight boys if this is true.


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