Morning Meme: Eddie Cibrian Joins “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Glee” Returns With Matt Bomer, and Bruce Weber Goes Full Gay With Abercrombie & Fitch

As The Advocate turns 45 years old, they’ve put up a hall of fame, from Pat Rocco to Dustin Lance Black and everyone in between. It’s a great, brief gay history lesson.Dustin Lance Black

A new way to maim myself – a self balancing unicycle. But it would be great to pick up boys. I know I hit on the cute guy at Bridge Day two years ago on the unicycle with the puppy.

Speaker Boehner has appointed National Organization for Marriage founder and author of the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration Robert George to the Religious Freedom Commission, making him a government employee for the next two years.

Cutie (and equality advocate) Josh Hutcherson has been named Breakthrough Performer of the Year by CinemaCon. That’s a bit of an understatement after The Hunger Games.

As disgusted as I am by the unsealed NOM memos that showed how they cynically manipulated entire populations of minorities as they opposed equality, I want to point out a few pieces on the subject. The Southern Poverty Law Center reminds African-Americans that they’re being used by a hate group. Julian Bond, Chairman Emeritus of the NAACP, accuses NOM of starting a race war. And the New York Times weighs in on the political calculations.

Colin ClarkeThe Houston Dynamos Colin Clarke is still apologizing for calling a ball boy a “fu**ing faggot” at a game over the weekend and wants to be our ally. Major League Soccer says it’s investigating and may fine Clark. Really? What are you investigating beyond the tape, which you pulled down from YouTube with a copyright claim?

The Department of Justice is taking the unusual step of asking for an expedited hearing in two Defense of Marriage Act appeals in an effort to have the law declared unconstitutional.

In India, the Supreme Court has “reserved” an order on decriminalizing gay sex. This means they’ve made their decision but are delaying the announcement.

Michael Bay has confirmed his upcoming movie is simply called Ninja Turtles, and blames it on the marketing department. He promises the turtles will still be immature teenagers. Whatever that means on whatever planet he Toby Kebbellmakes them from.

Fortunately Akira looks to be dead as a live action adaptation. And judging from the way star Toby Kebbell went off on the script, it’s probably for the best. He knew the material from the source, and wasn’t impressed.

A state hearing has upheld the firing of Andrew Shirvell, who bullied out University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong online and on campus.

The New York City Department of Education wants to ban 50 words from standardized tests because they make students uncomfortable. What nasty words do they want gone? “Dinosaur” because it suggests evolution, which some may not believe in. Also “Halloween” for suggesting paganism, and “birthday” for upsetting Jehovah Witnesses, who don’t celebrate birthdays. The list goes on to include such controversial subjects as rock-n-roll, poverty, rats and roaches.

Eddie Cibrian is headed to Rizzoli & Isles as a love interest.Eddie Cibrian

Evidently there’s a service called Dial-A-Star which lets you pay up to $20/minute to talk to s celebrity. Going rates include Chris Crocker for $20/minute, The Young & the Restless’ Thom Bierdz for $20, but Dina Lohan fetches $25/minute for what I’m sure is great parenting advice.

Mitt Romney is now explaining that he has to put a car elevator in his new La Jolla mansion because the garage is too small for his many cars. In all fairness to Mitt, I used to design astonishing home theaters for homes in La Jolla, and car elevators weren’t uncommon in a $12 million home.

Military academies are embracing open service by GLBT students, with gay clubs popping up at the Coast Guard Academy and West Point, and Norwich University, the nations oldest private military academy going further, holding Pride week, with a queer prom and the Condom Olympics.


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