Morning Meme: Eight Minutes of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” Parker Young’s Jingle Balls, and What Do the Police Want With Constance on “AHS”?


Casey Wilson says that having Max strapped to Penny‘s body as an infant wasn’t the weirdest scene from this season of Happy Endings . On the cutting room floor had PennyPenny and Max dressed as a horse, with a gravel voice, having a tea party and eating cake on plates with sparkling ponies. Hopefully it makes the DVD extras.

Scotland is abuzz with the arrival of Tian Tian and Yang Guang, two giant pandas taking up residence at the Edinburgh Zoo for the next 10 years. The pair arrived by a special FedEx Boeing 777 over the weekend, and will have a month to adapt to their new home before going on display to the public.

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, the FDA has approved a hangover pill called Blowfish. It’s mostly an antacid, caffeine and aspirin, but it’s drinkable so it hits you faster. I just wish my life was interesting enough now to require a hangover cure.

You know the Republican Party is the party of obstructionists when the best The New Republic can say about their proposed payroll tax plan is “it doesn’t stink.”

Breaking DawnThis is traditionally the worst weekend at the box office for the year. It turns out it was only the second worst weekend of the year thanks to the strength of, you guessed it, Breaking Dawn, which was on top for the third week in a row with $16 million . The Muppets were robbed at second for $11 million.

If you’re wondering if The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is any good, The New Yorker has broken the embargo on reviews and is publishing tomorrow, a full week before they agreed to, which in itself is causing a stir.

Maggie Gallagher thinks that Mitt Romney is completely committed to enshrining marriage discrimination into the Constitution if he gets elected, and is endorsing his campaign for it. I think betting on Romney being consistent about anything is laughable.

Chelsea Clinton will make her NBC debut on Monday December 12 with a special report on a nonprofit in her native Arkansas. It will appear on the new Rock Center with Brian WilliamsMadonna

A new campaign has launched to air that astounding Australian marriage equality ad on American television during primetime.

GLBT media has lost another voice, with Gay Black Men News ( folding up. The founder stated that with the rise of social media and Facebook it was no longer economically feasible.

After eight AIDS activists were jailed at an Occupy Wall Street protest, other activists sent them pizzas and beverages in jail (which I didn’t know you could do). But instead, the NYPD ate the pizzas. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne replied, “Any way you slice it, it was an honest mistake.”

The worst kept secret in football is finally official: Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, with a set created by a team from Cirque Du Soleil. Every single article I’ve seen on it talks about how it continues the trend of older-skewing artists, lumping her in with Springsteen and The Who, which I’m sure she adores.

Johnny DeppSince New York City imagines itself the center of the universe anyway, what if the grid system was extended around the world? I’d live somewhere on the corner of S 7340th Street and 1649th Avenue.

Think you know what the most shoplifted items are? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed filet mignon was #1. And why would anyone shoplift Axe, except to destroy it before college students can drown themselves in it?

Don’t dance too closely to Johnny Depp at a concert, or his body guards may tackle you to the ground. If Johnny were doing the tackling himself, I might just do it on purpose.

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