Morning Meme: Eric Stonestreet Is Fatty, George Michael Is Single, and Taking a Trip To “Death Valley”

Anderson Cooper says that he’s amazed by how viral the video of him
giggling has gone. As for how silly it was, he says “I mean, I’ve alwaysAnderson Cooper
giggled like a 13 year-old girl at a Justin
meet and greet. There’s nothing I can do about it but I’ve never not
been able to stop.” It’s sentences like that which will make his daytime
show a success.

He’ll need it to be a success to pay for continuing
restorations on the firehouse he bought to live in. But the outdoor work is
done, and the building looks stunning with new windows and the paint stripped
from the brick and the stonework.

Speaking of newly minted daytime stars, Katie Couric has picked out a name for her new show, set to premiere in
Fall 2012: Katie. Yep, a first name seems to be the standard for a new
daytime show, until we get someone with a name that’s already in use.

Sir Ian McKellen does
a totally charming video interview about his current play The
. I love that one of his conditions for doing Gandalf in The Hobbit was that they
allow him a break so he could be on stage on the 50th anniversary of his acting

Ben AffleckJennifer Garner
and Ben Affleck are pregnant again. Frankly, if I had Ben Affleck in my
bed, I’d be trying my darndest to get knocked up to, despite it being
biologically impossible.

Remember the man who went into surgery for a circumcision,
only to have his cancer-ridden penis amputated by the doctor? It turns out he’s illiterate, but signed consent forms
allowing the doctor to take medically necessary steps. This may be enough to
make me read the Terms of Service on iTunes the next time it pops up.

Anne Hathaway still doesn’t have a script for Glee, and she’s calling Ryan Murphy out. “Ryan Murphy, I’m
calling you out: I wanna be on Glee. I’ve got my
songs ready to go. I’m a very open, uncloseted theater nerd.”

Magic Mike has more casting news, but this time it’s Cody Horn to play Channing Tatum’s girlfriend in the film. Who wants to bet they make
a movie full of male strippers, and everyone single one has a girlfriend so
it’s 100% No Homo?Richard Hatch

Survivor‘s Richard Hatch
says that he’s destitute and needs a court appointed
attorney to appeal his conviction for tax evasion. But it doesn’t sound like
the judge is buying it.

Bisexuals, rejoice! A new study confirms you do indeed exist.  We really needed a study for this?

George Michael
told his audience in Prague that he and Kenny
haven’t been together for two years.

Conservative pundit Michael
has written a fascinating piece called Our Gay Marriage Experiment in the National Review. The hero
of Fox News and RedState says “the institution of the family is less
threatened by a few people who want to get married than by the very many
more people who get divorced or who have children without getting married
at all.” It’s not without a few flaws, but it’s actually a
remarkable piece from a powerful source to just the right audience.

Remember that news that Fox was going to delay availability
of their shows by a week on Hulu to people who didn’t subscribe to a
participating partner’s cable/satellite service? That started last week, and
pirated files for the delayed Fox shows have tripled in popularity.

Marlon TeixeiraI didn’t know Coca-Cola made clothing, but I’m happy to
consider it if Marlon Teixeira is going to be the model.

It was nearly dead anyway, but the FCC is officially scrapping the Fairness Doctrine. I don’t
suppose this means that the news shows will quit bringing anti-gay asshats on
at the drop of a hat?

The Happy Endings cast thinks their
characters need to have more sex, preferably onscreen. And that’s
coming from Adam Pally, who plays
our Max.

As the Martin Luther
King, Jr.
Memorial opens, the Washington Post delves into the
background of Bayard Rustin’s place in history, including his sexuality.

I’m concerned about this spoiler from the first new episode of Doctor
this week: “Rory is not gay whilst Hitler is definitely in the
closet.”Eric Stonestreet

New Hampshire made the symbolic, hateful gesture of removing the state minimum wage, saying that most minimum
wage workers probably weren’t worth it anyway. And this is not

The Department of Justice filed briefs supporting Edith Windsor’s DOMA claim. It’s getting to be comical watching DOJ
fighting Speaker Boehner every step
of the way.

Eric Stonestreet
is attached to star in an HBO film about Fatty Arbuckle based on The Day the Laughter Stopped.

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