Morning Meme: Fran Drescher Is “Happily Divorced,” Gay Homeless Youth Need Your Help, and Scissor Sisters “Wow!”

Fran Drescher and
her gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson’s
sitcom, Happily Divorced is about to be picked up by TV Land to series. It’s Fran Drescherabout a
woman who finds out her husband is gay after years of marriage and reenters the
dating pool. We’re looking into the details.

I thought it was cool that the Japanese were set to launch a
giant metal net into space to deal with orbital debris. But NASA has a spare
5KW laser lying around not doing anything, and they think they can just shoot the junk out of a stable orbit. Laser
> net.

In a horrible incident, thugs stomped a teen’s head in at a party thrown by gay men in
NYC. They yelled anti-gay slurs while doing it. And the dead teen was straight.

Soapbox moment: Governor
is proposing balancing the New York budget by cutting all funding to homeless youth. It’s estimate that
in NYC alone, there are 3,000 homeless gay youth alone. There are 200 beds
nationwide dedicated to GLBT youth, and 57 of them are at Ali Forney Center in
New York. The funding cuts would eliminate some Carli Siciliano Ali Forney Centerof those beds. If you live in
New York, pick up the phone, sign a petition, email the governor. Don’t let Gov. Cuomo
turn these kids out into the streets for the second time in their young lives.

Conde Nast says that all of their magazines will have digital editions by the end of the year. Which still
leaves me reading the paper airline magazine for 20 minutes on each end of a
flight because I have to stow my iPad that’s in airplane mode.

Brittania spoilers.

Joan Knows Best has been renewed for a second season, even after she
defended Gilbert Godfried’s Japan

For those of you who panicked when Supernatural’s Eric Kripke said that the Sandman
TV series wasn’t happening, breathe easy. Because not only is it still moving forward, Neil Gaiman is now directly involved.Zac Efron

How do we keep getting more naked pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, and still none from her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron? I call shenanigans!

More people get their news online than from newspapers now. What’s
truly frightening is that some of you get your online news from me.

E! has a poll up to vote for your Top Alpha Male, whatever that means. There are no (openly)
gay actors on the list, but Darren Criss
is on there for playing a gay man, so go vote for him.

I guess I’m going to live forever.

Barney FrankThe heavily Republican U.S. House has a committee that just voted on a
bill with an amendment from Rep. Barney
that would discourage the United States from giving aid to countries
that violently oppress gays. It has a chance of passing since it also includes
religious oppression as a category.

Kevin Spacey’s
new series House of Cards has gone to Netflix instead of one of the big cable
networks. Some reports put the price tag at a $100 million giant middle finger
to HBO.

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