Morning Meme: Friendly Fire Strikes Mitcham and Roberts In Oz, Danny Miller Gets Good News, and Katy Perry Wins

Plus James Franco‘s baby face, sex advice from young Republicans, and milk does Sofia Vergara‘s body good.

Over the weekend Aussie Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice exclaimed “Suck on that
faggots!” on Twitter when Australia triumphed over South Africa. I awoke Sunday morning to out rugby
player Ian Roberts not accepting her apology, out
comedian Tom Ballard joking about
, and out Olympic diver and all around cutie Matthew Mitcham trying to add context.

Mitcham knows Rice, and says To those asking for my opinion (inc. media): I know a lot of ppl are upset by what Steph Rice said. I agree, it
was offensive & very thoughtless, but being friends with her for 2yrs, I
know she is not homophobic. She meant no malice, & she has apologised for
her careless comment posted in the excitement of the moment. That’s enough
for me to forgive a friend. Now I have to focus on my exam tomorrow. Eep!” Update:Rice has lost her endorsement deal with Jaguar over the incident. I’d go buy one of their cars to thank them, but they’re expensive.

As we begin the final countdown on As the World Turns, Eric
Sheffer Stevens
reflects on LuRe and how the show treats gay characters. And he’s not pleased
with the lack of sex for LuRe, “Listen, you and I have talked about this before
— their love story is not a natural progression. And it’s because it’s a gay
storyline. LuRe doesn’t move in a natural way a normal couple would progress.
Um, given that, I have nothing more to say about that. It’s not [fair].”

The New Zealand musical Songs for Guy has opened, and
the premise is simple – re-writing pop songs to be sung by a guy, to a guy. The show’s writer Kip Chapman says his
straight friends are always asking him if there’s anything in the show for
them. He tells them that’s what he wonders every time he walks into a standard
guy-meets-girl-love story. But “If people come along and see that love is just
love, that really is the most powerful thing.”

If you had already “liked” us on Facebook, you would have
seen snicks’ 20 of the hottest tennis players of all time, and the
debate on whether he should have included John McEnroe.

Danny Miller
picked up two TV Choice Awards over the weekend for his portrayal of Aaron on Emmerdale. He won Best Soap Actor, and
his coming out storyline won, well, Best Storyline. Somebody call Bruce Vilanch, because this awards show
obviously needs a writer, if only to title their categories.

This letter to the editor of the New
York Times
about Ken Melhman’s
coming out will make you cry … or you’re more heartless than I am, and if that’s
the case I’m not sure how you’re still alive.

Meanwhile, this excerpt from a Patton Oswalt comedy routine explains the basic issues with
conservatives and gays, and just how illogical it is. I’m not a fan of Oswalt
at all, and I really don’t like the windup he uses to get to this rather profound NSFW punchline, but the rightness of what
he says can’t be denied.

The New York Times
used multiple investigative reporters to discover that is satire
, which I think we told you many months ago. But
hey, maybe they had to cut down the tree, pulp it to make newsprint, fuel the
trucks, and deliver the papers.

They also bring us the breaking news that Japanese artist Murakmi’s creations Kaikai and Kiki will be terrifying  40-foot balloons in the Macy’s
Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Vulture has named Katy
their Stupidest Thing of Summer. I nominate her for the decade.

The latest study of brand reputations shows that Target has taken a major hit
to their name value since donating to the anti-gay MN Forward PAC. They had
started to recover after the initial gay press furor died down, but that was
when the “lamestream media” picked up the story, and it looks like the damage
may be permanent.

This three pages of Sex Advice from Young Republicans was dumber than Megan McCain’s latest parrot-box
talking points, but page three broke new ground for equality when having a

Blah, blah blah, rally against marriage equality. Blah, blah, Tony Perkins on Prop 8 ruling, “If (the ruling) stands, in one generation we will have gone
banning the Bible in public schools to banning religious beliefs in
society.” Not sure how he gets that, unless
he doesn’t get this

Stevie Nicks says her upcoming album is some of her best work ever, “At
a certain point, I’m going to get too old for this, but making this album
really shows that I’m not done yet.”

 Sometime around January or February we’ll get
to see the Lady Gaga-designed Polaroid camera, of which “
the design’s pretty wacky.” We would expect nothing less.

TV Guide has an
exclusive image of John Stamos in scrubs poised over the open mouth of Matthew Morrison from the Britney
episode of Glee. He also
spills that he’s in the Rocky Horror episode, but not what character he’s

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