Morning Meme: Gareth Thomas Talks About “Shedding His Fear,” “Real Steel” Knocks Out “Footloose,” and “The Walken Dead”

The day Zachary
came out, we have rugby star Gareth Thomas penning a piece about how the Independent‘s Pink List,
now voting, Gareth Thomasinspired him to shed his fear, and come out, but on his own
schedule. Hopefully Quinto’s coming out can do the same.

Occupy Wall Street continued this weekend, and spread both
nationally and globally. It even made its way to Charleston, WV. There are some conflicting reports about what led the NYPD to lock
customers in a Citibank and arrest them as they tried to close their accounts.

By all reports, the concert celebrating the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation
was a rocking time, from Usher splitting his pants from crotch to knee on stage to Lady Gaga’s profane serenade of the Clintons which even referenced Bill’s
sex scandal past.

With the repeal of SB 48 failing, California schools are scrambling to figure out how to integrate GLBT lessons
into the schools. For younger children, it will probably stop at the idea that
some families have two daddies. For high school students, sex education and
history, but the kids in between it gets tricky to balance. And the legislature
didn’t provide guidelines. And it won’t be developing new curriculum until 2016
to save money. And it takes four years to create a new textbook. Bonus: In one
of the Harry Pottersidebar articles, you’ll find my name.

Are you going to wear purple on
Spirit Day? It’s Thursday, October 20th, and we wear purple to bring attention
to bullying in schools.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows took home the Ultimate Scream award at the Spike TV Scream Awards
Saturday night. Exclusive footage also aired from Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance,
, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The ceremony will air
tomorrow night.Footloose

Ken Marino is
set to guest on
Happy Endings as Dave‘s
shrink, though he will get to play with all the cast. Frankly, Dave needs a
shrink, because while he’s cute as hell, he’s dull as dirt. Or maybe he’s just overshadowed by all the giant personalities on the show.

It looks like a TKO for Real Steel over Footloose this weekend, but with estimates at $16.3 vs. $16.1
million, it could really go either way.

Shannon Doherty is celebrating her third marriage this weekend, this time
to photographer Kurt Iswarienko.
Third time’s the charm!

There’s a meme running around the gay blogs that really bugs the
devil out of me, and it’s basically that gay men can’t be friends with each other because sex
gets in the way. And that sex before friendship means the friendship is
inherently doomed. Personally, some of my best gay friends I was intimate with before
they were late-night chatters over cheesecake. If you can’t separate the two,
well, that’s on you and your lack of social skills.

Ira GlassStarbucks thinks that the world coffee supply is in danger from global warming.
Frankly, this can’t be allowed to happen, so everyone give up your cars,
because I’m sure as hell not giving up my coffee.

You may have heard a fake sex tape of Ira Glass last week when it made the rounds. For the record, Ira
Glass was totally freaked out by the tape. So mission



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