Morning Meme: George Michael’s “True Faith,” Michael Urie Celebrates “Spring At Last!,” and NPH Gives Jon Cryer a Job

If you want to know how influential being out can be, just read
about Aussie diver Nick Pirie, who
switched up from swimming to diNick Pirieving after being inspired by Matthew Mitcham. When he says his favorite dive is an “inward tuck”
his fans shout “he’s a drag queen.”

Somewhat less inspiring is this story about how The Ali Forney Center stands to lose 19 of 57 beds for GLBT
homeless youth under Gov. Cuomo’s
budget cuts, while millionaires complain about having to scrape by on a mere
$10 million after taxes each year.

Tom Hardy gets
nekkid in his new short film. Like full-frontal nekkid. The link is no more NSFW
than our Briefs Guy, but let’s you click through to see the full goods.

Andy Cohen put Tina Fey through a Gay Pop Culture Quiz at the GLAAD Awards, but she doesn’t
think Bert and Ernie are anything more than just friends. But Telly and Murray are
totally doing it.

Officer Cuddlybear
is almost certain to be back on our screen on Southland
next year. They’re just hammering out the length of the season, likely a brief
cable 10 episode season.

Out Emmy winner Cherry
has joined the cast of the pilot for REM, about a man waking
up living in two realities.

Bruce VilanchPerpetual Oscar writer Bruce
took some potshots at Oscar host James Franco. Franco responded with some graffiti, which he promptly
deleted after thinking better of it. But nothing is ever deleted on the Internet.

HBO is developing a miniseries about Dick Cheney. I assume it’s a horror movie.

Righthaven, a
company that makes a living suing people under a theory that Fair Use doesn’t
exist, has lost a major case.

Michael Urie is
busy in Angels In America, but he’s still singing in Spring At Last. I love that
he’s working so much, but I hate that he’s doing New York theater and I’m not
in New York to see it.

Jon Cryer is going to star opposite the man he beat out for an Emmy, Neil Patrick Harris, in a production of
at the Philharmonic.

It’s not often that I agree with Matt Roush over at TV Guide, but when discussing the Klaine kiss he says “I imagine the next time TV Guide or anybody puts together a list of memorable TV kisses,
this will probably rank alongside Ross and Rachel’s first smooch on Friends.”
I think he may have a point.Klaine

Don’t get mad at me – it’s the New York Times calling housecats an “invasive species” and “They are like
gypsy moths and kudzu — they cause major ecological disruption.” Can’t we all
get behind the worry about “cat predation” before it spreads from birds to

In West Virginia, our politicians
don’t think much
of their constituents views on equality. Who wants to bet
they never bothered to ask?

Steven SpiBiancaelberg’s
yacht is probably nicer than your yacht.

Towleroad has a great piece on the GLBT memorial that the Barcelona mayor
has dedicated in the city. It’s one of only two of its kind.

Meanwhile, Dutch soldiers are going to be allowed to appear in the floating Pride parade in uniform
this year. Watch DADT supporters to use this to try to stop repeal.

Is ABC ready to kill All My Children?

WalMart has blocked the word “gay” from online book reviews,
including reviews from It Gets Better.  To me that’s not the story, the story is that
WalMart is selling the It Gets Better book.

80-year-old Dan
was handcuffed for protesting the torture of Bradley Manning outside the White

I’m trying to come up with a legitimate reason for Bonobos Tear Away Chinos. Suburban strippers?Priscilla Queen of the Desert

GLBT legend David
gives us all a quick history lesson on 20 Years of the Victory Fund.

It’s tough finding a good review of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
At least this one admits that the reason you’re going to
see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
makes you immune to the opinions of theater critics.


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