Morning Meme: GLAAD Loses Patience With Washington Post, Russell Tovey’s American Replacement, and Stephen Fry’s Linguistics

GLAAD seems to
have had it up to here (I’m stretching and pointing really high) with everyone.
They got into a live Twitter exchange with the Washington Post over that hateful Tony Perkins op ed piece about
the recent teen suicides. The Washington
said they were trying to get both sides of the issue, having hosted Dan Savage in a live chat. GLAAD
replied ‘There are not "both sides" to this issue. Teen suicide isn’t
a debate – it’s a tragedy.

The review of A Life
in the Theater
starring Patrick
and T.R. Knight finds it
serviceable but not exceptional. Stewart is too intense to
be seen in decline, and Knight is said to fill his office and never exceed or

The Florida Department of Children and Families will not appeal the overturning of the state’s ban on gay
. Florida Attorney General
, the man who pays Lift My
Luggage Rekers
to be an expert witness, still has the option of appealing
without their support.

Doctor Who will no longer be limited to twelve regenerations, and is
effectively immortal. No explanation will be given. It kind of removes the
stakes for the Doctor, doesn’t it?

Reports are circulating that Carrie “Opposite Marriage” Prejean will be a castaway on the next “celebrity” Survivor.

The BBC is putting curbs on “derogatory remarks” aimed at real people (characters are still fair game). This
is a response to comments that Frankie
made about Rebecca Adlington’s

There’s a new National Resource on LGBT Aging that has launched, and it’s
a great thing.

People who have seen the script for Deadpool say it’s brilliant, and at its best is like reading Van Wilder meets Kill Bill. It’s wildly funny commentary crushed together with
over-the-top violence that would give Quentin

Hawaii Five-0 is officially the most DVR’d show in history.  Mostly in anticipation of being able to pause
it to see if you can look up Scott Caan’s
boxer shorts when he visits the doctor. Why are you looking at me like that?

Carl Paladino is begging for forgiveness after making horribly anti-gay
remarks, then making horribly anti-gay explanations. I have to wonder if his
mythical gay nephew called him and said “Say you’re sorry then STOP TALKING.”

Joan Collins has found her inner Dynasty
. She says that Angelina
is the only beautiful actress in today’s world, and Jennifer Aniston is merely “cute.”
Honestly, I used to find Angelina beautiful, but these days I just want to feed
her a cookie.

Lifetime has picked up Heidi
new version of a show that sounds suspiciously like Kids Say the Danrdest Things. Which
could be funny, trying to understand the kids, and Heidi.

How To Train Your
is going to be an animated series on the Cartoon Network. But
seriously, how long does it take to train a dragon? One episode, two episodes,
one full season tops? Or are they untrainable, like cats?

They’ve released the description of Greek’s farewell season, and Calvin doesn’t even come up.

A new study by people who don’t understand Twitter says 71% of tweets are ignored. They based this on the fact
that no one replied to the tweets, which means nothing.

Chelsea Handler
is getting a scripted series that’s about the
behind-the-scenes show about her talk show. In other words, to steal a punch line
from Dave Holmes, it’s The Larry
Sanders Show except you see the punch lines coming from a mile away.

Fox’s Terra Nova
hasn’t shot a single frame of film, and it’s reportedly spent $10 million getting ready to shoot
the pilot.

Gay rights campaigner and agony aunt Claire Rayner has passed away at age 79. She will be missed.

Liza Minelli doesn’t understand why gay fans love her. We have a choice?
I thought it was mandatory.


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