Morning Meme: GLAAD Rates Television, Mila Kunis Defends Justin Timberlake, and Carrie Underwood Has Legs Up To There

Today marks the release of the GLAAD Network
Responsibility Index
, charting GLBT representation on television. The CW
wins in percentage Zachary Abelof hours of representation at 33%, while ABC leads in total
hours. The big jump was at ABC Family, which managed 55%. While the percentages
remained nearly steady with last year, the big news was a jump in racial and
gender diversity across the networks.

Make It or Break It‘s Zachary
is feeling Awkward. Sadly, the blond gymnast
hunk is setting up for a heterosexual romance rather than having a man run his
fingers through all those curls.

There’s something extremely sexy about Mila Kunis going off on a reporter in Russian when the reporter asks Justin Timberlake why he’s doing movies
instead of music. Russian is a great language to tell someone off in.

I hesitate to endorse anything in the New York Post, but they have a stunning gallery of the World Trade Center Memorial
that’s about to open next month.

This interactive map of equality shows me that while West
Virginia (where I am) isn’t the best place in the United States to live, it’s far from the
worst place if you’re gay.

Pee-Wee hermanThis Pee-Wee Herman
tribute gallery is a little twisted, so browse at your own

NPR really should apologize for this
piece claiming that the “debate”
over gay conversion therapy is
raging. No credible sources think that the therapy is anything but destructive.
This was grossly irresponsible journalism.

Troy Garity has been cast as Eddie
brother on The Playboy Club. They seriously
couldn’t find a better match than this?

The contract for roommates on MTV’s The Real World is
something you have to see to believe. You vow you don’t have STDs, but
understand others might. The producers are free to misrepresent you. MTV isn’t
responsible for your long distance charges. You understand they may
deliberately humiliate you. Non-consensual physical contact may happen. Such is
the price for fame.

David Norris has dropped his bid for the Irish presidency after it
surfaced that 25 years ago he wrote a letter of support for his former partner
in a statutory rape case.

Ultimate Spider-Man finally announced that Miles
, a half-black, half-Hispanic teen will become the Ultimate Spider-Manwebslinger now
that Peter Parker is dead. How he gets super powers is yet to be revealed.

According to an LA Fitness poll, Helen Mirren has the world’s best body. That sound you hear is every
20-something actress in Hollywood shrieking.

The Bipartisan Legal Group defending the Defense of Marriage
Act filed a brief today, and if you want the laughable summary, head here for
the Top Five Homophobic Statements. For a more scholarly
summary, Chris Geidner has you covered. If this is the best they’ve got, we may
win this thing.

Production has begun on indie film Keep the Lights On starring Zachary Booth (Damages) and Thure Lindhardt (Angels & Demons) as a gay couple grappling with life over the course of ten years.

Tyson BeckfordRod 2.0 has great photos and video of Tyson Beckford for Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR.

Speaking of models, Linda
has requested $46,000/month in child support from Salma
‘s current husband for their four-year-old son, the largest request in New
York history. Francois-Henri Pinault
is worth an estimated $11.5 billion and has never provided for his son.
Evangelista is requesting the sum largely for education and full-time security
for the child.

Sadly, Lorne Michaels
says that no cast members are leaving SNL this season. I can
think of at least three they should cut loose to make way for fresh talent.Eli Roth

Eli Roth is going to design a Hostel-themed attraction for
Universal Studios this Halloween season.

A 750,000 donation that Sir
Elton John
made to Ireland to support a clean needle program to combat AIDS
has not been spent nearly two years later.

A child protection officer for the Catholic Church has been arrested for making and distributing child pornography

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