Morning Meme: “Glee” Goes To Nerd Prom, Matthew Mitcham Wins Again, and GLAAD Says Sally Kern Must Go

First things first: If you’re Canadian, it’s election day,
and you have to remember to vote. As good as you’ve got it up in the north with
your universal healthcare and marriage equality, things can always go wrong if
you don’t stay on top of them. And here’s a cheat sheet to most ofMatthew Mitcham your out candidates.

Osama Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan, and the United States is in possession of the body. It was a human strike team, not a drone attack, and was carried out under direct presidential authorization. I lived in D.C. on 9/11, had recently left the military, and worked for a company with offices in the World Trade Center. I lost a lot of friends that day. I’ll never forget seeing the military roll down the street in Georgetown. It’s a form of closure.

It was also announced on the 8th anniversary of President Bush‘s Mission Accomplished speech.

Congratulations to Matthew
for winning the Canadian Open championship in Montreal with
a total of 541.3 points, including three perfect tens in the third dive.

Noted homophobe Sally
sounded off on race recently, and people are justifiably
upset. Naturally, she’s apologized, which is more than she’s ever done for her
homophobia. But the NAACP and GLAAD are now calling for her resignation. Good luck with that.

Donald Trump, the
man that arrived at his own press conference last week in a helicopter with his
name on the side to take credit for President
producing his long form birth certificate, feels that the attention paid him at the White House
Correspondents Dinner was “inappropriate,” given “the American people are
really suffering.” Like that man has a clue about suffering.

Marvel has halted filming on The Avengers after only a week after
a script leaked out. The script hasn’t yet been Nick Furypublished but was authenticated
to a website it was offered for sale to. The script was assigned to Samuel L. Jackson.

When he was in the hospital recovering from a terrible
motorcycle accident, high school student Ben
joked he’d have to attend his prom in the Oscar-Meyer Weinermobile.
That led his mother to start an online campaign to make it happen. The
proof is in the pictures

Major League Baseball has suspended Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell for two weeks without
pay and ordered up some diversity training. Seems like a fairly mild punishment
– maybe having Gloria Allred
involved might be a good thing for once, because she’s unlikely to welcome this

Bryan Cranston is joining Adam
Rock of Ages movie as a villain husband to Catherine Zeta-Jones, an Anita
-like character who wants to ban rock and roll.  The roles were added specifically for the

Fast Five looks to have finished the weekend at $83.6 million,
setting a new record for April. Rio picked up another $14.4 million
for second,Paul Walker Fast Five and crossed the $100 million threshold. The gay-free Prom
bombed at a mere $5 million opening.

Aaron Hicklin,
the editor of Out, sits down with Phil
for Same Sex Sunday to
talk about the lack of diversity on the magazine’s “Power 50,” and the decision
to include people who aren’t actually out. Don’t expect a satisfying response.

Blabbeando takes an in depth look at Big Brother Argentina
transgender contestant Alejandro
, how his time on the show changed the path of transgender rights
in that country, and becoming an accidental poster boy.

Did you know that gays caused the financial crisis?

Bernadette Peters
has teamed up with Stephen Sondheim to put on a production of Follies in Washington,
D.C., extending the 25 year love affair between her voice and his lyrics.

Lady GagaThe Preferred Hotel Group is rolling out a program for its member hotels called
Preferred Pride to cater to GLBT travelers. Some of it is simple, such as
asking two men checking in if they’d prefer a single king bed to two doubles if
they hadn’t already expressed a preference. And some is in the details, such as
making sure there are two pair of men’s slippers and toiletries in a room with
a same sex couple.

Lady Gaga is
teaming up with the Robin Hood
to give $1 million to homeless New York youth. And she wants
fans to vote on who gets the money. I’m sure all the programs do great work,
but please go make your voices heard for Hetrick-Martin Institute, which does some great work with GLBT


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