Morning Meme: “Glee” Leaves the Door Open For Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres Addresses One Million Moms, and Roseanne Barr For President

According to Michael Aussiello, there’s a good chance that schedules willing, we could well see more of Ricky Martin’s character on Glee. Despite his commitments to Evita, Ricky Martinthey hope to fly him out a few times to film quick scenes, and he’s more than open to it. I’m open to anything his hips are involved in.

Evidently, the cat propaganda machine wants us to think the world will end if all the cats in the world suddenly died (or returned to their home planet). Personally, I’m willing to risk it.

But that’s mostly because I want to protect my squirrel allies from the feline predators. Especially the rare purple squirrel.

Have things gotten better since It Gets Better? Even Dan Savage isn’t sure.

Keeping with the animal theme, the Toronto Zoo is refusing to comment on whether gay penguins (let’s not split hairs) Pedro and Buddy are raising eggs at the zoo.

Joseph Gordon-LevittIn what may be the logical conclusion to the monster movie craze, The Kitchen Sink is about a high-school-aged vampire, zombie and human trying to save their town from invading aliens.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a huge announcement yesterday, scoring financing for his directorial debut, for which he also wrote the screenplay. He’s going to star in it with Scarlett Johansson, and the only details he’s leaking is that “the film is a sexy comedy about a modern-day Don Juan, and his quest to become less of a ‘selfish dick.’”

GLAAD is still calling for action with regard to Roland Martin. I get vaguely uncomfortable with calls for him to be fired, because I think a lot of the country doesn’t see the difference between what he actually did for GLAAD to call for it, and what One Million Moms is trying to do to Ellen DeGeneres and JCPenney, even if the situations are worlds apart. What’s most troubling is that CNN has remained completely silent.

PETA is still trying to get the Sea World orcas freed under the ban on slavery. The judge is obviously skeptical that the 13th Amendment applies to whales, and wonders if success in the case would lead to the emancipation of police dogs as well.

Rosanne Barr is on the California primary ballot for president, seeking the nomination of the Green Party.  Won’t becoming ruler of the free world interfere with her upcoming sitcom pilot?

I really have enjoyed reading the conservative reactions to the Prop 8 rulings. My favorite are the “ignoring the will of 7 million California voters” claims. California has 37 million people, 13,402,556 who voted. 7,001,084 voted for Prop 8, and 6, 401,482 voted against. What about those 6.4 million people, NOM?

Entertainment blogs are noting the Prop 8 ruling is filled with pop culture references including Marilyn Monroe, Jumbotrons and Groucho Marx. It does make the ruling more accessible, the impact more real.

Daniel Radcliffe is “slightly miffed” about the lack of love from the Oscars for Harry Potter, but success may be the best revenge. As he says, “How much of a pat on the back do we really needDaniel Radcliffe? We get paid stupid amounts of money.”

Denis O’Hare isn’t spilling any details about his True Blood return as the crazed Russell Edgington, but does say he’ll be in about half the season.

Snooki says that she considers herself bisexual, and she’s done stuff with girls, but can’t see being in a relationship with one “because I like… penis.” Don’t we all, Snooki? I was a little disturbed at how much Snooki and JWoww continue to speculate about The Situation’s sexuality, but at this point, I’m guessing he’s in on it.

Atlantic City is undertaking a major effort to spruce up the boardwalk and pier, including bringing back the famous diving horse. Cue PETA in 3-2-1…

Miss PiggyDaily Mail editor Paul Dacre, referring back to the horrid things that Jan Moir said about Stephen Gately right after his death, “There isn’t a homophobic bone in Jan Moir’s body.” He also said that while the column “‘could have benefited from a little judicious sub-editing, he had been at the opera for his wife’s birthday the evening the column was filed. Priorities.

And since we’re in Britain anyhow, would anyone like to explain why I have to put up with Ryan Seacrest for the red carpet shows for the Golden Globes, Grammy Awards and Oscars, but the BAFTAs get Miss Piggy? Are there any Brits willing to civil partner me, and sponsor my immigration to your paradise of equality, NHS, frequently naked boy bands, and charming hosts?


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