Morning Meme: “Glee” Loves “California Gurls,”Madonna Trumps Kylie, and “Wonder Woman” Sounds Terrible

There are reports that in the Broadway production of Priscilla,
Queen of the Desert
, references to Kylie
will be replaced with references to Madonna, because there were concerns that Kylie isn’t that well
known in the states.Kylie, for those who don't know

Glee is going to do a gay love triangle. Which is a good thing. Unless it isn’t.

Don’t forget that The Other Steve and Edie with hunky Stephen Wallem (I have a thing for tall
guys) and Edie Falco will be this weekend in New York City.

James Franco is confirmed to star opposite Nicole Kidman in Sweet Bird of Youth on Broadway next
fall. So…on the one hand, James Franco in the flesh, but on the other, Nicole Kidman …..

Sexy Josh Henderson
is going to headline the Dallas sequel as J.R. Ewing’s son. Considering his hair is almost
his trademark, I’m not sure how the cowboy hats are going to work.

Robertson: Snow Is God’s Way of Punishing Americans Who Were Planning to Drive
to Do Something Gay

Jane Lynch will be
publishing a memoir
, Happy Accidents, this fall. I’ve
always said my life is a series of happy accidents, so I’m thinking of… Sue-ing
her. What do you people want from me, it’s late!

According to this map, I currently live in the least sexually
adventurous spot in the United States.

What I love about this story is not so much that airports in Britain invested in holograms to help with
airport security (holograms are always cool), it’s that part of the
justification is that, unlike the real security guards, the holographic agents will never have be in a bad mood from “a fight with their
partner.” See, the Brits even allow for gay holograms.

Kathy Griffin is set to guest star on The Defenders, which
while fabulous, probably won’t save the show from cancellation.

Darren Criss graces the cover of Prestige this month, infinitely
upping the prestige of the magazine. As for if he hesitated to play gay (journalists
still ask that), “I feel comfortable with my sexuality, and I defy anyone who
tries to weird me out with accusations or anything like that. Blaine’s
sexuality didn’t even cross my mind as something that would be an issue.”

Carson Daly is getting an upgrade to primetime. He’s going to be the Ryan Seacrest of NBC’s The

It’s official, watching Fox News makes you impotent. (Oh, if only.)

I’m hoping that these pictures of the cast of Community in same-sex
make out poses represent an inclusive type of humor, and not the other kind.

If Cher had been
nominated for an Academy Award, we would have gotten to see James Franco dressed up like Cher at the Oscars.

Ricky Martin is happy to be a new advocate for gay causes, and doesn’t
feel any demands or pressures from it. I’ve never seen someone come out so fast
and so comfortably as he has.

Deaar Warner Bros.: Back
away from Fletch
. No. Bad media conglomerate. Bad.

Thanks to some last minute voting, it looks like Pepsi is going to
shell out major bucks to gay causes including GLSEN.

The Wonder Woman reboot script has leaked, and I have to say, this sounds
just awful. Plus, there’s no way she can find parking for the invisible jet in

Good news: as our brains get bigger, so do our penises.


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