Morning Meme: “Glee” Valentine’s Day Set List, Julianne Moore Wins Hasty Pudding, and Behold the BBC’s “Human Planet”

The set list for the Valentine’s Day episode of Glee is out, and it could be called a
spoiler. Standard rules apply to comments. But OMG! Two Warblerstunes from the Warblers!

The director for Captain
America: First Avenger
says he’s watched the first cut of the movie, and he loves it. Granted, I’d be really worried if he didn’t,
but he says it’s funny,  Which I wouldn’t
expect from what I’ve seen in stills from the movie.

Mike White has had to drop out of Pride,
Prejudice and Zombies
due to scheduling issues. I consider this a good
thing, because it means we don’t have to cover it.

Panasonic shipped a perfect snowman to the Bahrain desert, to
demonstrate some super insulation material. But what’s awesome is that they
shipped a snowman 5,314 miles to show children who have never seen snow what a
snowman looks like.

Julianne MooreJulianne Moore
will receive the Hasty Pudding Award this year. The male recipient hasn’t
been revealed this year. I can’t wait for her to receive the drag queen parade

The IGLHRC has released a statement on the potential stoning sentence
of two gay men in Iran. Because they insist rhetoric does not help a situation
that is unclear, I’ll let you read it in their words without opinion.

Something I will voice an an opinion on is the grandstanding by House Republicans about “repealing” a landmark healthcare bill that really
needs to go further. Ass. Hats.

Some of the heterosexual couples on Glee are
going to play musical partners
. Which really just highlights the problem
with gay characters, and the “bookend syndrome.” If you’re lucky enough to have
two gay characters on a show, they get trapped in a relationship because there’s
just one other gay to pair them with. Meanwhile, the heterosexuals hop beds
like Qbert.

Smithsonian Secretary
Wayne Clough
defended his decision to pull “A Fire In My Belly” from the
gay art exhibition. Basically, it boils down to if they wanted to be able to
keep the whole exhibition, and be able to conduct future exhibitions, they had
to cave to bigotry.

Ricky Gervais will cameo in the U.S. version of The Office, and still won’t be able to make it funny.Eric Balfour

Meanwhile, before the next season of Haven gets underway, hunky Eric
will guest star as a bad guy on No Ordinary Family. Depending on his wardrobe, that might be enough
to make me watch a second episode.

A Colorado archdiocese is launching a 12-Step program for gays. It’s all part of the
hate-the-sin-love-the-sinner idea, that says being gay doesn’t make us insane
and defective (their words), just acting on our gay thoughts.

Johnny Depp is in talks to take over the title role in the prequel Oz, the Great and Powerful from Robert Downey, Jr. How about we scrap the whole thing and pretend this never happened?

According to a machine translation of an interview with an Austrian newspaper, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mom called the town doctor to a boyish
Arnold’s home because she thought he was gay. It seems that most boys had
pictures of actresses on their bedroom walls, but a young governator had
pictures of oiled, nearly naked bodybuilders.

Christwire has rewritten Allen Ginsberg’s Howl from the perspective of professional homophobe Peter LeBarbera. And of course, most of
the comments don’t realize Christwire is satire.

Will SmithGay parents are more common in the deep south, in Alabama and northern
Florida, according to census data.

Will Smith is reportedly planning to remake Annie, starring Willow “Whip
My Hair” Smith
, and musical updates by Jay-Z.
I think I just threw up a little.

Civil rights legend David
has written a battle plan for activism in the coming year.
We may think it’s over for two years, but he shows how it’s time to double
down. Maybe this is that Gay Agenda I keep hearing about?

While Apple has often been unwilling to let cartoon gay butts
appear in apps on the iPhone/iPad, it appears that somehow, Playboy’s entire back catalog is coming to the nifty App Store,

Because what we need is more guns, a new bill in Nebraska would
allow school staff, including teachersJonathan Banks, to carry concealed weapons in schools.

Remember that Georgia homeless shelter that won’t help
homeless people they perceive to be gay? It looks like they receive government funding to turn people
in need away.

Broadway veteran Jonathan
has been cast on Modern
as Jay’s working class lunk brother Tommy.

MTV has ordered Skins USA to tone it down. The show, with consequence -free sex and drugs may be too hot for TV, even though I can’t think of anyone other than advertisers that can make trouble for a cable network. Evidently the third episode features 17-year-old actor Jesse Carere‘s bare butt as he runs down the street with a never-ending erection he got from taking erectile dysfunction pills. MTV is worried his bare butt could run afoul of child pornography laws according to the New York Times.

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