Morning Meme: GM Preps “Cannonball Run” Remake, Zachary Quinto Surprised He Made the News, and Craig Ferguson’s Sex Ed Class

If a 1980s movie has to be made, conceptually I see some
potential for Cannonball Run. But sponsored by GM? How do you get a Cannonball RunLamborghini racing an
ambulance if it’s by one car company? Wasn’t that part of the fun? And if we’re
going to be real, the advent of surveillance cameras, cell phones, and police
data networks probably make the suspension of disbelief requirements
appallingly high. Still – fantasy casting, anyone?

Glee is doing a Christmas episode again, this time directed by Matthew Morrison. So expect some rapping
around the Christmas tree.

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan makes perfect sense for people
who make over $200,000/year, the only folks who get an effective tax cut. The poor lose
out, and the middle class get hammered when you run the numbers.

Fauja Singh completed
the Toronto marathon
in 8 hours, 25 minutes. It’s not a great time, until
you realize Singh is 100-years-old. Then it North Morganmakes me crawl back into bed and
hide in shame.

I’ve said it before, I’m curious to read Exit
Through the Wound
, the debut novel by North Morgan, who most of the world knew as blogger London Preppy. I found his writing
engaging, and he seems to have matured. I just need to squeeze the time to read
this well-reviewed piece in between all the news about Trevor Donovan and Glee that you folks
demand I know. I opened Kindle on my iPad today and found four books I bought
and forgot to read.

While the UK may be a fairly equal place for gays, the same
can’t be said for the bulk of the Commonwealth, where 41 of the 53 states still criminalize homosexual
activity. The laws make it very hard to fight the spread of HIV, and so the
heads of government will be asked to scrap the laws.

Mickey Rourke
isn’t doing the Expendables sequel, but instead is diving into the Seven Psychopaths. No
mention was made of the Gareth Thomas
biography.Mickey Rourke and Gareth Thomas

Apple stock took a hit as the company revenue only grew 39%, to
$28.2 billion for the quarter. Sluggish iPhone sales were largely to blame as
consumers waited for the new iPhone 4S, which is now setting sales records
around the globe.

Amy Sedaris is joining The Good Wife as a foil for Alan Cumming’s character. They really
are after the gay audience with this show, aren’t they?

A London church that has been convincing people they have a faith-based cure for HIV has claimed their third victim. It
seems coming off your meds and praying doesn’t have a high survivability rate.

My friend Jerame
has been named interim executive director of the National
Stonewall Democrats following the end of existing director Michael Mitchell’s contract. Congratulations, Jerame!

The Breakfast ClubIn perhaps the only instance of a remake of The
Breakfast Club
I could support, a live reading will be staged with the proceeds benefiting
Film Independent. Mindy Kalling will
take the Ally Sheedy role, James Van Der Beek the Emilio Estevez role, and Patton Oswalt with play Michael Anthony Hall’s role.

Three Marines have been discharged and confined for falsely marrying a
lesbian couple so they could receive a housing allowance to live together off
base. I’m going to take an unpopular line here and say they deserved it. It’s
fraud. When I wanted to live off base and couldn’t get a housing allowance at
first, I got a second job bagging groceries to make it work. The law may suck,
but it’s the law.

Zachary Quinto
says he didn’t expect his coming out to be global news. I almost believe him, because
despite being a lead in a giant TV show and the co-lead in a action/tentpole
franchise, he largely avoids the fame of it all. But because he’s now an out
action movie star, he’s major news.

The GLBT Center at NC State was vandalized with “fags burn” and “Die.”
The university is reviewing security tape and held a meeting last night.

Meanwhile, at Indian University of
Pennsylvania, the same professor that told a lesbian student she was
“disgusting, Joe Maganiellounnatural and abnormal” in class previously told a gay
student he would “burn in hell.” That shouldn’t be free speech folks,
not in a classroom, from a professor.

Joe Manganiello
has told his grandma she’s not allowed to see Magic Mike, which bodes
well for us. He also reveals the “theme” of each of the stars
stripper costumes, so take a peek if you want to know who has a giant hose.


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