Morning Meme: Goodbye Anne Francis, Hello “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena,” and a New “Being Human” Trailer

Goodbye to Anne
, star of the 1960s detective show Honey West, a pioneering portrayal of a female detective. Francis passed away Sunday from complications from
pancreatic cancer at age 80.

In news I can get behind, the Navy, responding to growing outrage has suspended Captain Honors from command of the USS
Enterprise pending an investigation into the homophobic and misogynistic videos
he produced on the carrier in 2006-2007 while serving as XO.

Simon Cowell has
chosen Pepsi as the exclusive soft drink sponsor for The X Factor in the U.S. when it launches next year.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $2 million to a sanctuary in Namibia, birthplace of
their daughter Shiloh. It seems to
me like it’s been forever since either of them had a hit movie, so they must be
amazing investors to give away as much cash as they seem to.

Could Denis O’Hare
be headed back to True Blood? It
sounds like Russell Eddington has a plotline in the new season, despite finishing up
encased in concrete, though no contracts have been signed. The storyline for
the King of Mississippi has diverged so far from the books at this point, I
couldn’t predict where his story would go.

I’m all for “suspension of disbelief” when I go to the movies,
but sometimes, I just can’t swallow the junk science. And that’s true of people
who have a much better understanding of science than I have. The worst offender in recent memory? 2012, according to these scientists. There’s just no way any of
this would work.

The Hard Rock Hotel has
agreed to pay a fine
for having allegedly procured cocaine and ecstasy for
guests through their concierge desk.

Father Cutie (real
name, and it’s accurate) made huge news when I lived in Miami for getting
caught canoodling with a woman on the beach while he was still an ordained
Catholic priest. He then switched churches rather than deny his love. In his new book, he says that the priesthood is so full
of gay priests, both celibate and not that the church couldn’t function if it
got rid of them all.

A gay Minnesota high school student who wrote an OpEd in his
Catholic school newspaper slamming the diocese for mailing out hundreds of
thousands of DVDs opposing marriage equality has come to terms with the fallout for his celebrity and notoriety.
I’m just in awe of his courage.

I still don’t get what the plot of the upcoming science fiction movie Elysium is, but with Matt
and Jodie Foster
headlining, it’s sure to get some major marketing.

Italy has passed new rules that essentially define YouTube
and Vimeo as broadcast stations, making them liable for all content uploaded to them. It’s
now basically impossible to run a video site in Italy without running afoul of
the new law.

Guess what? Americans watched even more television last year than ever
before. Shocking, isn’t it?

The Economist is hosting an
online debate all week about marriage equality
. In our corner is Evan Wolfson, and Maggie Gallagher is speaking for the bigots.

That new Justin
song that leaked over the weekend? Not Justin Timberlake. It’s actually a Danish artist named Rasmus Thude. Which leads Vulture to
ask the question “If we all thought it was JT, and it wasn’t, do we really need


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