Morning Meme: Goodbye Arthur Laurents, Adam Lambert Picks an “AI” Favorite, and Getting To Know Nicholas Hoult’s Beast


Arthur Laurents,
the multiple Tony winner behind the books of West Side Story and Gypsy
has passed away in his sleep at the age of 93. He will be missed.

Arthur Laurents and Tom Hatcher

The internet is abuzz that at least one member of Seal Team
Six that took out Osama Bin Laden walked on all fours – yes, Military Working Dogs might be
the most badass of the badass Seals, from the tips of their tails to their
titanium teeth.

You simply must read Dear Gay Dude: Why Do Gays Want to Get Married So Bad?

Senator John McCain
was against torture until he was in favor of it, which he was until he was against it again.

Cheryl Cole is officially a judge for The X Factor: USA. I
guess I need to figure out who Girls

Debra MessingAs pilot season wraps up, every critic seems to hear that musical-about-a-musical
is a
lock for NBC
. To quote Entertainment weekly, “In fact, we
hear Will
& Grace’s
Debra Messing
rocks the crap out of this pilot.” Color me surprised that Debra Messing rocks
anything – just doesn’t seem her style.

Fox News has terminated the contracts for contributors Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum after they failed to declare their presidential
intentions by the deadline. Because you know how Fox News would hate to look
biased (towards any of the five likely candidates on their payroll).

Steven Spielberg’s
film is in negotiations with basically everyone in
Hollywood to take part. I’m most interested in how Joseph Gordon-Levitt will fit into the film.

Ryan Murphy’s American
Horror Story
has cast the young leads in Taissa Farmiga and Evan
, who has grown from awkward to hunky lately.Evan Peters

Two months out from the disaster in Japan, it turns out that
the nuclear disaster was much less of a disaster than we feared, especially for
something that really never should have happened, at least when we were
planning for things to go wrong.

In perhaps the most stunning event of the last seven days
(think about the last seven days), all three major cable news networks were respectfully silent for nearly ten minutes while
President Obama laid a wreath at Ground Zero and spoke to survivors.

Relativity’s Snow White movie (the one without a
Huntsman) just added Nathan
to the cast, so I suppose we’ll be paying more attention to it going

In Taiwan, the Ministry of Education is adding gay history to the curriculum. I’m not surprised –
when I was visiting Taipei regularly in the late 1990s, I found it to have a
vibrant gay life. I tried my normal sneaky thing at the hotel asking for a cab
to the address of a gay bar (never know in a foreign country), and the staff
knew the address and offered other choices. I met the most beautiful boy…

Adam LambertAdam Lambert has given his opinion of the American Idol hopefuls
this season, and that’s sure to sway some votes in favor of Haley Reinhart, who he loves.

I’m really confused, because the Catholic League isn’t mad at Lady
over her video for “Judas.” To think they spent weeks being upset
about it before they saw it.

I found this set of responses from different rabbis to the question of how they would
react if their child came out as gay fascinating. You get different reactions
from the different sects, and as Brent Hartinger observed, the more
conservative, the more the reactions are about sex vs. sexuality. But still,
remarkably accepting. But this line jumped out at me, “In regards to male
homosexual sex, anything short of complete penile penetration is not included
in the biblical prohibition.” Just the tip?

Yesterday we teased “Domestic Disturbance,” Chris Geidner’s start of a series of
articles about the 15 year history of the Defense of Marriage Act. You should
really go read
the whole thing

President Bill
has come out in favor of marriage equality, which would
have been really useful if he’d done it fifteen years ago, beforePresident Clinton he signed
DOMA. But does this negate the argument that DOMA deserves a defense in court
because it was passed by Congress and signed into law by then-President Clinton?

Could a daytime deal for Katy Couric take out General Hospital? I can’t imagine
she’d make any friends with the stay-at-home set by killing ABC’s last soap.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has passed a new law that will allow Christie Carr to keep her partially paralyzed therapy kangaroo. I do write
some weird sentences around here.

Nick AdamsI do have a lot of friends at Bilerico, but like Bil says in
his article, this opinion isn’t going to make him popular. I strongly disagree
with you Bil, but I still love you!

I’ve been seeing these billboards around about the end of
the world coming in May 2011. Now
I know who’s behind them
. But should I make a deposit on a vacation for

Hunky Nick Adams is up for the Astair
for his dancing.


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