Morning Meme: Hot Nerds Take a Bow, Craig Ferguson Doesn’t Care, Hot New “Glee” Pictures, and Minions!

Remember how I had a text description of the interior of the
TARDIS earlier in the month? Well, somebody has pictures now. It’s big, and slick,
and shiny. Oh, and the TARDIS is definitely a fall if you want to buy it a

Hello Kitty is now a brand of wine. Does anyone see anything
with this? 

Braaaaaainnnns. On AMC. Seriously, the channel of Breaking Bad and Mad Men is doing a zombie series called The Walking Dead.

Warner Bros. has licensed Godzilla for
yet another movie
. For all our sake, would someone please lock Matthew Broderick in a bunker somewhere so we can be sure he’s not on board a second time?

A gay man who frequents the comments of Queerty and The
Huffington Post has been
arrested for making threats to kill Rep. Eric Cantor
. Have I mentioned
how much I love our community here at

So You Think You Can
: All Star Edition
? The new season of Nigel’s dance competition is cutting the number of contestants from 20 to just 10, and having them partner
with favorite dancers from previous seasons. Only one contestant will be
eliminated each week. Does this make it a better show? In my opinion, only if Travis Wall is involved.

Craig Ferguson is easily my favorite late night host. I’m
just sad that I’m never awake to watch him unless I’m up late writing this.
Turns out he doesn’t care about being a late night host. The foul-mouthed Scot
may be the only host capable of carrying a running gag through his entire show,
but he hates wearing a suit.

The Upper West Side has a totally adorable new resident, a
baby harbor seal made a home on the riverfront. Too cute!

I love laughing at Oklahoma. But normally it’s about Sally Kern.
This time it’s because their silly law trying to exempt themselves from the Matthew Shepard Act had a typo in it.
They didn’t pass a pointless law exempting themselves from Federal help
tracking hate crimes against homos, they exempted themselves from help on
religion and race. Oops.

Chris Evans starred in the movie version of Push. Now screenwriter David Hayter is getting a studio deal to turn it into a series. Hayter is also on tap to direct Wolves,
which he describes as “Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without

Ratings are in, and Spartacus: Blood and Sand
reached all new highs
for the latest episode. It also
managed to beat Caprica’s
mid-season finale
, despite being in 75 million fewer homes.

Guess what? RuPaul’s Drag Race is already casting season three of Logo’s
biggest hit.

I’d really like to say that despite his standup routine, which is as foul-mouthed as it is funny (link NSFW), Chris Hardwick is a total class act. Yesterday in Briefs I completely sexually harassed him, and you know what he did? He thanked us for the compliment. I thank him for wearing a Speedo, and encourage him to do it more often.

Class act, Chris.

Do you think Chris would go for me if I wore this 1978 cologne for gay dudes?

Oh, and because I was so busy swooning about Mr. Hardwick, I completely forgot:

Good morning!

Glee released a whole gallery of photos for the second half of the season. Now you know I’m normally a Matthew Morrison man, but this photo of Jonathan Groff is doing all sorts of things to me.

Plus, he swings our way. Maybe not my way specifically, but closer than Matthew.

I am so glad Monday is over. Mondays are rough. By bed time last night I knew how this dog felt.

I’ve been slacking on the optical illusions lately I know, but I like quality work. This is really good stuff.

How’d they get the tiny baby so realistic?

As a followup to yesterday’s Real World: DC post that Dennis gave us, I’d like to present this sad followup video from Mike concerning Tanner. I really hope things get better for the guy.

<a href="" target="_blank">The Real World: D.C. On The DL: Time To Grow</a>

On a sillier note, you know how I love stop-motion. This was done by an intern for something called SNASK in Stockholm. It’s fairly simple, but he did it with 1846 photographs, no special software, and what I’m assuming was a lot of caffeine.

I will continue promoting Despicable Me as long as the teaser trailer features “the minions.” I want one! Unfortunately, the film doesn’t open until July.

Doctor Who happens this weekend for the British readers, and I couldn’t be more jealous. Here Matt Smith, Alex Kingston (who looks so familiar), Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger discuss the necessity of the Daleks in the Whoverse.

I saw a parody of a SyFy Original Movie trailer the other day, and it was less ridiculous than this real trailer for Mega Piranha. When he’s kicking them away while lying on his back, I laughed so hard I may have needed some of those protective pads Whoopi Goldberg is doing commercials for.

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