Morning Meme: Hottie Enver Gjokaj Joins “The Golden Guys,” Alec Mapa Salutes Prop 8 Verdict, and NPH Talks “Glee”

Plus Justin Timberlake plays gay on The Cleveland Show, will NPH voice Spider Man, and Mike Posner is adorable.

Justin Timberlake
is set to voice a gay character on The
Cleveland Show
. The Terry character, who I thought was straight, will fall in love with Justin’s
. Why do I sense another Seth
fight in the comments in my future?

Last night Alec Mapa
was on Lopez Tonight, and he had a special comment on the Prop 8 verdict. I wish the
video were embeddable, but I’ll just say it’s worth the click over.

Ultimate Spider Man cartoon is
about to hit the air
, but there’s still no voice for Peter Parker. Several possible
candidates exist, including Neil Patrick
, who’s voiced Parker before. Josh
sounds promising, and I’m not completely against Topher Grace. I am completely against Michael Cera.

According to NPR, Patrik
, which
we reviewed almost a year ago
, is getting a theatrical release on the heels of the success of The Kids Are All Right.

Both Sir Ian McKellen
and his ex, director Sean Mathias continue to garner rave reviews for their Waiting for Godot. Don’t get too excited
though, because it’s sold out in Cape Town.

Has anyone read I Just
Want My Pants Back
from David J.
? It was just greenlit to a series on MTV, and it sounds
like a gay character would fit nicely into the story.

It’s being reported that American
boss Simon Fuller wanted gay megabillionaire David Geffen to be the new Simon
. It’s a perfect fit – Geffen has been behind some of the biggest
bands in history, and he’s not known to suffer fools lightly. He’s also mostly
retired, and this offer apparently wasn’t enough to lure him back , as he reportedly said “Why should I do this?”

Rosie O’Donnell
is headed back to daytime television on the upcoming Oprah
Winfrey Network (OWN). It looks like it will be a rebirth of her old feel good
show, with celebrities and an added emphasis on parenting, which should give
GLBT parents some spotlight time.

Laura Bell Bundy,
once know for Legally Blond on
Broadway, then as a country music star, has landed a recurring role on How I
Met Your Mother
as co-anchor of the news with Robin’s character. Presumably Barney
will sleep with her.

Canadian actor Noah
has been cast in the comically named Three
on SyFy. He develops the mostly useless superpower to move
an object three inches with his mind. The then recruits a group of dubious
superheroes for a team.

A friend and I were amused by the fact that the United
States Army ran a contest for mobile apps and named it A4A. Don’t
judge me.

I really want these Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long blog
action figures
, but even though I don’t see a price, I’m
quite sure I can’t afford Neil Patrick
, much less Nathan Fillion
and Felicia Day.

Katy Perry continues to try and justify her criticism of
Lady Gaga, saying sex is fine, but it can’t be mixed with religious symbols. The
money quote is so laughable from someone trying to preach their own morality, “Yes,
I said I kissed a girl. But I didn’t say I kissed a girl while f**ing a

There’s a piece of billboard art in Grand Central’s
Vanderbilt Hall that’s a mosaic of 112,640 colorful Post-It notes.

Mark Wahlberg
says the only way he’d go back to music again would be to duet with Justin Bieber. Mark, the only way we’d
listen to your music again is if you lose the shirt and pants like the old

If “fleeting expletives” are now legal for broadcast
television, should
“fleeting nudity” be acceptable as well
? I vote yes, but only on How I Met Your Mother for Neil Patrick Harris.

George W. Bush
has reportedly delayed his memoir until after the elections so as not
to remind the country what Republican rule was like. I prefer reader Eric’s
reason, which is that his crayon broke. friend Jane
is executive producing The
Golden Guys
, a male take on The
Golden Girls
, at the Renberg Theater in Los Angeles September 18.
The cast is full of local favorites, Caprica’s Sasha Roiz (Dalton Zbornak), Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Tom Lenk (Roy Nylund), Cheeks
(Beau Devereaux), and Lesli Margherita
as Sophia. Dollhouse‘s Enver Gjokaj has just
been added as an attractive young doctor involved in a love triangle with the housemates. Sorry, I just blacked out briefly – I’ve had dreams about that.


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