Morning Meme: “Husbands” Doesn’t Want To Be Britney, Hugh Jackman Trains Shirtless, and Is “Gossip Girl” Going Gay?

While we didn’t see the rash of teen suicides this fall that
2010 brought, all is still not well for gay teens growing up in America.
14-year-old Jamey RodemeyerJamey Rodemeyer has taken
his own life
after enduring years of bullying. No child should ever get to
the point where they feel there is no hope, because then society has failed
him. And Jamey went from hopeful enough to record an It Gets Better video to taking his own life in
five months.

Disney has licensed Avatar from Fox and plans to
create a large attraction for their theme parks centered around Pandora, with
James Cameron consulting.

In a move that surprises me and well, everyone else, Madonna is reportedly recutting her movie, W.E. in response to
critics at the festival screenings. Is she mellowing as she ages?

As someone who enjoys being single, I’m more than happy to
celebrate National Single and Unmarried
Americans Week
. At a time when single people are constantly under attack,
gay or straight, and being pressured to settle down and marry, it’s good to know
that the studies bear out that society would basically collapse if we all married and
focused on our relationships.

Cenk UygurWe’ve had our issues with Cenk Uygur here at, but we can’t deny that they’re at
least willing to defend their opinions, no matter how wrong-headed they are. So I look forward to their
voices coming to us every night on their new show on Current TV.

In what may be my favorite Aww! moment of Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell repeal news, Navy Lt. Gary Ross
wed his husband Dan
at the stroke of midnight in Vermont, in uniform.

A new MTV-Associated Press poll finds that most U.S.
teenagers don’t get offended with insults like “fag,”
“slut,” and “retarded” when used online, especially when
used inside their own social circles. When asked in broader terms about the use
of the words, nearly all say that it is unacceptable, creating an interesting dichotomy.

Former MGM chief and staunch Republican Harry Sloan is perfectly all right with the Buffett Rule, requiring
equity in taxation rates, and want the Republican party to stop defending the
indefensible. “You guys are giving millionaires and billionaires a really
bad name.”

ABC has bought a television project from Nicholas Sparks, which means the beginning of the end of
television. The Watchers is about a fallenHarry Shum, Jr. angel searching for his human
soul mate. Just a thought: wouldn’t that have been easier when you still had
your angel powers?

Brett Berk at Vanity
asked Harry Shum., Jr.
and Ashley Fink who should  become the next topless poster child for Glee
now that Chord Overstreet was gone.
Shum voted not for himself (not that we’re surprised) but for Kevin McHale. Ashley Fink went for Mark Salling, who has always been a bit
clothing impaired on the show to start with. Find out what else Brett asked.

While Vulture loved the wording of the description for Arias
with a Twist
by another critic (“An hour of watching a drag queen
get flushed down a toilet.”), they seem to think that this isn’t a bad thing, and
can be rather fabulous if the drag queen is Joey Arias.

Bill O'ReillyBill O’Reilly
says he’ll quit working if President
manages to enact the Buffett Rule for tax rate parity. So, have you
called your Senators yet?

Speaking of O’Reilly, he allowed hateful anti-trans, junk
science Dr. Keith Ablow to come on
his show and claim that Chaz Bono wants to
chop off
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s
breasts. It really does make you rethink the First Amendment at times.

In what has to be the most misleading headline of the week,
E! asked Which Gossip Girl Character Is Going Gay? Let’s face it,
the show teases gay more than the straight bartender at the gay club flirting
for tips.

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