Morning Meme: Is “Glee” Sanitizing “Rocky Horror,” What Oscar Wilde Taught Stephen Fry, and Is New “Ab Fab” On the Way?

Joanna Lumley is
currently appearing on Broadway in La Bête, but
the part of the interview
that caught my eye
was “Jennifer might write a special Ab Fab next year, because it’s the
twentieth anniversary of [its series premiere]. It would be so brilliant, while
we’re still all around [laughs].” OMG-OMG-OMG!
snicks and I came to blows over who
got to report this, and not the fun kind. Unless you’re into that.

James Cameron is flirting with doing Cleopatra
in 3D, starring Angelina Jolie. The
studio is said to be willing to fast track the film at any cost if Cameron
signs on. Telling Cameron “any cost” is a dangerous proposition, especially if Peter Jackson breaks his budget records
making The Hobbit.

While the Department of Justice is appealing the ruling
finding Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell unconstitutional, the Defense Department has done
the unthinkable and ordered
the JAG to abide by the order
and cease all investigations and discharges.

Louis Van Amstel
is not happy about leaving Dancing With
the Stars
so early. And I think I understand his issues aren’t nearly as
selfish as it sounds, but he blames it all on the rainbow dress and gay pride. “That
was not the story we planned to tell. That was not my message. Maybe it was
Margaret’s message, but not mine. The minute it was about gay pride, I knew we
were gone. I knew it. But if I would have said something then and there, I
would have looked like an a******. The damage was done." Although it’s entirely possible you still look like an a**hole.

All the polls we’re seeing about the election may be skewed
towards the Republicans because the methodology is out of date. Most polls still
only call landlines, and nearly a quarter of the population has moved to cell
phones only. And those who still have land lines tend to be older, and more

Our friends over at The Bilerico Project ask a question that
I’ve been wondering about for weeks: Is cleaning up Rocky
enough to use
it on Glee
really a good idea? They cite problems with sanitizing it that are obvious just
in the trailer. Isn’t the charm in just how queer and “other” it is? I remember
first seeing it in college, outside, at a rugby fundraiser. When the film
broke, the rugby team dropped trou and danced for us until it was fixed. Rocky Horror isn’t meant to be PG.

CBS  has purchased a Charlaine Harris (True Blood) series called Grave Sight
featuring ghosts
, casual sex, and detective work. Honestly, it sounds like Tru Calling. But since it’s CBS, it’s
fairly certain that I won’t see gay people.

I’m not entirely sure what The Seven on MTV is, or who Kevin
is on the show, but he’s kind of cute, and he accepts “man

Murder music king Buju
has been granted bail while he awaits retrial on cocaine
with intent charges. The first trial resulted in a hung jury.

Spike TV has picked up a new reality show about coal mining set not far from where I
live. What’s next, the stockroom of Kmart?

This gets a little confusing, but Conviction is a new Hillary
movie based on a true story about a woman whose brother is convicted
of murder. She spends 18 years going to school, college, and law school and
proves he was innocent.. Gloria
is holding press conferences saying that Swank is being
with her fictionalized retelling of the story by not meeting
with the family of the real life murder victims … which her movie brother didn’t
kill in real life.

Joe Maganiello of
True Blood is engaged
. I guess
that means his abs are history.


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