Morning Meme: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Single, Kirk Cameron Is Confused, and James Van Der Beek Is a Meme

Let’s face it, it’s a little odd that David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, is engaged to Georgia
, daughter of the Fifth Doctor, Peter
, who guest starred with Tennant on the show as the Tenth Doctor’s
daughter. But congrats!

If you didn’t watch How
I Met Your Mother
Monday night, I wouldn’t read this piece, but wow! What an episode. And
it’s the core of the entire season. Also, if Marshall and Lilly do have a baby,
David and Neil’s twins are a possibility to play the baby.

Gerry Rafferty,
the singer behind hits like “Stuck In the Middle With You” has passed away after a long illness at the age of 63.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have broken up. Swift is no doubt writing a song about it,
while Jake is certainly headed to my house to cry on my shoulder. What – a guy
can dream, can’t he?

Debra Messing is set to guest star in Law
& Order: SVU
as a Nancy
type character. This should solidify her as a go-to actress for playing fundamentally
unlikeable women.

Dan Savage has a
neat little story about watching his partner dance with the neighbor’s kid while
playing a video game, and how it shows just how far we’ve come in society. I’m
not sure I see it as significant as he does, but lately, I’ll take a little
human interest fluff.

MGM, fresh from bankruptcy, has announced plans for a classic television network. It really
sounds like a copy of TV Land, but
there’s a lot of old shows out there that I’d love to see broken out of the

Meanwhile, TMZ has been renewed, ensuring we’ll continue to see
drunken psuedo-celebrities stumble from nightclubs and see real celebrities
walking through airports.

Quirky actress Ellen
is set for a run on The
Young and the Restless
. But what caught my eye was her reminiscing
about Pushing Daisies. She loved the wardrobe, “You should have seen the
fitting room. It was wild. I felt like a drag queen trying on everything and
anything — hats, bags, gloves, suits — in wild combinations. It was so much

The indecency fine against ABC’s NYPD Blue for showing bare butt has been thrown out by the courts,
again. After eight years of litigation. At what point do Americans lose the
ridiculous issues we have with the body?

We have two sets of
thousands of dead birds, and several thousand dead fish. So CNN called Kirk
and had him on Anderson
to ask him if the End Times were upon us. Cameron was as bewildered
as anyone why he was there.

If you’re wondering how James
managed to become the director for the hotly pursued Blood Meridian, it’s because he put together a test shoot starring horses, Luke Perry, and his brother Dave Franco at his own expense.

So, Meg Ryan is
John Mellencamp. The
1980s are alive and well.

Oddly, in this special report on how faith is portrayed on television, journalists in
Hollywood seem to think that shows are much fairer than the Parents Television Council, or Bill Donahue of The Catholic League. But everybody loves The Simpsons!

Did Matt Damon use an abs double in True
? If so, it was wasted, since he didn’t show his abs. But it is a cute
story of how a father loves his son.

Is Chick-fil-A sponsoring an anti-gay hate conference? It wouldn’t be a
surprise if the famously religious fast food company was. In the old mall my
day job is attached to, we have three restaurants, a Steak Escape, chick-fil-A,
and Garfields. I’m quite proud that in two months stuck there, I’ve not given a
dime to Chick-fil-A.

Starz is about to launch a new iPad app for the new series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, along with
a Facebook game which will no doubt be sexier than Farmville.

Meanwhile, Modern
has launched an iPhone
(Warning: Link opens in iTunes) with quotes and previews from the show.

Saturday Morning
Breakfast Cereal
helps you come out to your parents.

And finally, Adam
will be part of the album for the Grammy Awards, which doesn’t mean he’ll get to perform on the show.
But it’s not a bad sign.

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