Morning Meme: Jane Espenson Talks “Torchwood,” Carole Barrowman Talks Baby John, and NPH Suits Up

Plus Chelsea Handler‘s contract with Animal Planet is canceled, Bryan Cranston is hosting Saturday Night Live, and Russell Tovey has a beard.

Did you know that Captain
is terrified of Autons? This according to an excerpt from Chicks Dig Time Lords, a collection of essays about Doctor Who, which includes a piece from John Barrowman’s sister Carole.
But the charming way that she describes going from trying to choke
her baby brother with potato chips to their fun, loving relationship is what
makes the read worth it.

As long as we’re in the Whoverse, local hero Jane Espenson talks about getting
to write for the upcoming Torchwood

series. She’s in for three episodes, says the entire series is
being written before an actor says his first line, and that things
are changing rapidly including the name of an announced character.

Romy Rosemont,
who plays Finn’s mom Carole on Glee, says
that you’re going to see a lot more of her
and Mike O’Malley this season,
but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re together. Glee is more
complicated than that.

The rumor mill says that True Blood’s Denis O’Hare
is joining Brendan Fraser on Broadway this November in Elling, playing
roommates in an insane asylum. As long as he gets some treatment for his rage
issues – ripping out people’s spines is mostly unacceptable.

With the Emmy Awards
broadcast contract up for renegotiation, the broadcast networks are pushing hard to strip long form
such as miniseries out of the telecast. It seems mostly sour
grapes with HBO, who is basically the only networking making long form
programming anymore, and seeing them parade across the stage time after time
irritates the other networks. It also bores the devil out of everyone who doesn’t
watch the miniseries, which is nearly everyone.

The Point Foundation,
which provides scholarships to GLBT youth for college, will be
honoring Alan Cumming, Brittany Snow and Audi for their work with the organization September 25th
in Los Angeles.

Rachel Maddow
says that back in the days that she was interviewing for her job at Air
America, she used to say that Glenn
was her favorite radio host
because he was entertaining. Since
then, Beck’s decided he’s the political version of Tammy Faye Baker, wearing makeup and crying about made-up stories for money. Maddow also doesn’t appreciate news organizations
who published the address and floor plan of her new apartment, saying “I hope
they die in a fire.”

Martha Stewart is
about to control daytime at the Hallmark Channel, and she wants to do more interviewing and less crafting. But
the way she explains it, it sounds more like she wants to act out Cougar Town for real, “the hottest, sexiest, young male movie stars — who are
they really, how do they live, how do they cope?

Bryan Cranston will be hosting Saturday Night Live October 2, meaning I have another reason to watch. I wonder if SNL
thinks that hiring amazing hosts like Cranston and Jane Lynch elevates their show, or do they know it just makes their
cast and writing look bad?

There are new images of David Tennant as Peter Vincent from the Fright Night remake. Well, they tell me that it’s David Tennant,
and I’m not going to argue about it. Under all that hair, it could be anyone.

I remember when the first condom
ad ran on television, and when the last cigarette ad ran. But I never thought I’d
see the day when the first ad for marijuana ran on television. The ad is for
a legal medicinal marijuana dispensary in Sacramento. I have nothing against
pot – I say legalize it for everyone and tax it. But advertising it? I’m not
even a fan of the Viagra and Lipitor ads. Also, “Get off my lawn, ya darn kids!”

Roger Ebert is sick of
Beck and Limbaugh, and insists they put up or shut up about the Obama-is-Muslim thing. Exactly
when did a movie critic become the sanest voice in American discourse?

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