Morning Meme: Jason Ritter’s Arms Are Amazing, the Return of Chris Crocker, and Why Aren’t Gays Funny?

Superman is marrying someone, and it’s not Lois Lane. Well, Henry Cavill is engaged. And he’s playing Superman. For all I know his fiancée could be playing Lois Lane.

Henry Cavill

Ted Nugent is
going to run for president. Well, not in real life. He’s not nutty enough to
run in the current Republican field. But he will lend his voice to an episode of The Simpsons, I’m curious to see the deeply right wing Nugent paired with the far left crew of The Simpsons.

Utah ups the level of legislative crazy, and it’s not even
anti-gay this time. They’re looking at adding an additional tax to electric and hybrid cars to make up for
the money they’ll lose on the gas tax over the life of the vehicle.

I’ll be honest, Mariah
and Nick haven’t even brought their
twins home from the hospital, and they may be guilty of child abuse. Seriously, naming them Monroe
(girl) and Moroccan?

Massachusetts has confirmed out lesbian judge Barbara Lenk to the state Supreme Court after some nasty hearings.

Speaking of out
judges, the New York Times comes
out with a blistering editorial
about Judge
, and how even the thought that a gay man should recuse himself from
the Prop 8 trial is offensive.

David BekhamSamsung has hired David
as a brand ambassador. No word on whether they’ll do any
dual branding with Armani underwear, but there’s always hope.

Warner Bros. has purchased Flixster, which owns metacritic site Rotten Tomatoes, which some say
raises the question of objectivity on Warner Bros. movies. has watched the first seven hours of the Steven Spielberg alien series Falling
, and they say if you can get past the two hour premiere, the show
is groundbreaking and compelling.

Neil Gaiman is
under fire in Minnesota after receiving a $45,000 speaking fee from a library.
The House Republican leader says Gaiman is a “pencil-necked little weasel who stole
$45,000 from the state of Minnesota.” He’s attempting to change how arts
funding is distributed in the state. Gaiman is fighting back.

Michael Stipe reflects
on his life and career
at age 51, as R.E.M.
releases groundbreaking films and a new album.

Queerty is back, owned by Gaycities. The snark will no
longer be gratuitous they say. It’s like I don’t even know them…Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s
angelic looks are going to have a devilish gleam as he takes on the role of Lucifer in Paradise Lost.

The Emmys have signed a new deal to keep rotating the broadcast
between the four major broadcast networks through 2018. Mark Burnett will produce this year’s ceremony, to air on Fox
September 18th.

The Awl put out a rather ironic article called Why
Aren’t Gays Funny
? which bemoans the lack of gay comics, despite listing
literally dozens of examples. This drew a response from gay comic James Domian that was completely lacking in humor. Now social
networks are arguing about whether the article in The Awl was meant ironically.


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