Morning Meme: Joe Jonas Is Not Gay (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That) and the Harvard Sailing Team Returns.

Sam Worthington
is set to headline Australian surfing drama Drift, which with luck
will basically amount to two hours of a shirtless and tan Sam WorthingtonSam Worthington. I
don’t need any plot beyond that.

BBC America will be broadcasting the royal wedding commercial free.
They haven’t got that whole “America” part of their name down yet, have they?
Because we’d be charging $150k/30 seconds for that puppy.

Ugly Betty’s Marc
has joined the cast of Disney Channel’s Madison
, which is a Glee/High School Musical knockoff.
I fear we just found our coded gay character.

If you’re wondering what happened out at the “secret” journalist meeting I
attended in San Francisco, one of us finally got around to writing something.
We honestly had so much great data we can use to enrich our posts, but not a
lot that stands alone as an article.

Joe JonasJoe Jonas talked to Details, and they asked the dude
that famously dumped Taylor Swift
who would dump him. He responded “Some guy,” and laughed. “It’s a nod to the
gay rumors he’s been fending off ever since he got into a verbal altercation
with some taunting paparazzi earlier this year. ‘There’s nothing wrong with
being gay, but I’m not.’”

If you’re a rare person allowed to visit Bradley Manning, you’ll know he’s
coming to sit behind the bullet proof glass because you’ll hear his chains as he approaches. As for those who
say he deserves it for what he did, how about we have a trial first?

L.A. Reid is the first announced judge of The X Factor USA. At
least he has a ton of music industry credibility.

Senator Dianne
introduced a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act yesterday. Which
would have had a lot more meaning if the Democrats had bothered taking it up
when they held majorities and it had a chance of passing.

Are Klaine up for trouble when they try and go to prom together? They may need advice from Constance McMillan.Klaine

It turns out that the color red is irresistible to females of just about every
species on the planet, including humans. But it doesn’t cause the same reaction
in men looking at other men, which is why dressing up as Sebastian from Little Mermaid never got me laid on Halloween.

Ted Danson says
“No one has ever hired me to take my clothes off and be sexy. No one. Not even
when I was 25.” I didn’t know he was available for hire for that. But I admit I
find the silver fox Danson more attractive than I eArmistead Maupinver did in his Sam Malone days.

Pepsi has announced a new bottle made entirely of plant material. They plan to
enter large-scale trials next year. Coke had previously marketed bottles with
30% plant material but said 100% was many years away.

If you decide to play a game with an elephant, beware: They cheat.

Tales of the City Armistead
boyfriend was denied use of the restroom in a bar in Alice Springs
because it was reserved for “real men.” Big mistake on the bartender’s part.


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