Morning Meme: John Barrowman Drinks Pink Champagne, Dolph Lundgren’s Body Count, and Joe McElderry’s “Sister Act”

Plus Tosh.0 explains gays and the Bible, Howard Stern talks Dr. Laura, and why is John Waters on Discovery?

We had a frank interview with Scott
of The Kids In the Hall,
but got all of The Kids to give sex advice to their readers, starting with a girl
that wanted to make sure she didn’t mess up the three-way her bisexual
boyfriend wanted to have.

The Huffington Post appears to be unclear on the fact that is
satire – they think so, but they’re not sure. The site should really come with
a warning label. Or maybe right wingers should. Yeah the last one. Anyhow, they
Illustrated some of the new 15 Signs
Your Husband Might Be Gay

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are having a baby. It will be taller than he is by its
third birthday.

Tim Burton is
moving forward with plans for a stop-motion version of the Addams Family. The best thing about it is he’s hired the writers behind Ed Wood to do the script, so there’s hope it won’t be terrible,
but there’s probably not a chance that Johnny
won’t be voicing Gomez.

So according to doctors treating Lindsay Lohan at UCLA, she’s not an addict of drugs or alcohol. Her biggest
problem is being misdiagnosed and overmedicated for ADHD and bipolar disorder.
That was all it was?

The Federation of Gay Games is going to drop drug testing after some sports experienced a
60% drop in participants when they started following strict doping standards.
The theory is that the Gay Games attracts older athletes more likely to be on
banned medications, plus HIV+ athletes that are prescribed steroids to deal
with wasting.

All that missing oil from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico people
were celebrating being dispersed? They found it in a 22 mile long plume 1,100 meters below
the surface. We’re still boned.

Now that Facebook has had two movies made about it, it’s
time for Google to have its turn on the big screen. But since Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t descend into rumored alcohol and cocaine binges
like The Social Network shows of
Facebook’s people, this could be either incredibly feel-good or insanely dull.

If you were wondering why I had Dolph Lundgren on the front page, it’s because there is now an
infographic breaking down how many people each one of the stars of The Expendables  has killed
over their entire film career. Dolph is #1 with a body count of 632. Stallone was a distant second at 340.

Nevada Senate candidate and all around wackjob Sharron Angle once campaigned against a high school changing their jerseys to
because “black as a color was thoroughly evil.” Your move, Texas and
South Carolina.

Howard Stern says
that if (and he sees that as a huge if) Dr. Laura is really leaving
radio, it wasn’t an attack of conscience
, she’s being forced. As
for her excuse for quitting Stern says, “The most self-serving statement I ever
heard. ‘I want to be free, Larry, to use the N-word.’” He then shockingly added
“Just because you have First Amendment rights doesn’t mean all your speech is

Disappointingly, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil is “permanent” not permanent.

This Map
of Human Sexuality is definitely NSFW
, but dropping the color coded pins on
it to make your own can certainly be eye opening.

The idiots that follow Ayn
like it’s a legitimate way to live life have invaded the reviews at
Amazon and posed
the never-before-heard questions
“After all, what did Einstein do? Did he start a company? Did he employ people?

You probably want to read this tutorial on How to Disable Facebook Places, because there are multiple
things you have to opt out of to keep your friends from checking you out at
the strip club when you’re supposed to be visiting your sick mother.

Everyone’s favorite dirty uncle John Waters isn’t hosting Discovery’s new series Who the (bleep) Did I Marry, but he is doing the creepy promos for the show.


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