Morning Meme: Josh Hutcherson Names His Dog In Honor of Ryan Gosling, James Bond Gets Camp, and Kalinda Gets Sexy

Ryan Seacrest has reupped with American Idol for two more years for a reported $15 million/year. Good work if you can get it, and with the number of competition shows on the air these days, Ryan Seacrestyou might be able to.

Blabbeando has the details on the sweeping new transgender rights bill that is on the verge of becoming law in Argentina.

So, I suppose The Avengers XXX parody was inevitable, right?

Iowa teen Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. was the subject of a vicious anti-gay Facebook page in the time leading up to his suicide.

If you like Glee, or just like cute firemen, you really need to go watch this fundraising video. I was appraising the firemen in my little town the other day when I got my mail at the post office across the street, and I have my doubts about their ability to pull this off. Or rescue me.

Mike & IkeMike & Ike are splitting up in a new ad campaign, and it has Tony Perkins spitting mad that candy is being sexualized. Of course Just Born, the manufacturer says “These guys are best friends, candy-making partners. Others have chosen to see it another way, and that’s fine.” Which seems the perfect response to me.

In Washington, D.C, a Marine allegedly yelled anti-gay slurs before fatally stabbing another Marine near the 8th St. barracks.

Noah Wyle was arrested (just like his E.R. costar George Clooney) in Washington, D.C.  while protesting cuts to the Medicaid program.

If you remember those adorable pictures of Josh Hutcherson with his rescue blue pit from a few weeks ago, you’ll be happy to know that he named him Driver, because he’s obsessed with the Ryan Gosling movie Drive.Josh Hutcherson and Driver

In the middle of a tech boom, the Univeristy of Florida has eliminated their Computer Science department and increased the funding for their football program.

Most movies that have IMAX footage only use it for a few minutes, largely because the cameras are insanely noisy. But The Dark Knight Rises reportedly has more than an hour of IMAX footage, a new record for a film.

In an amusing little bit of irony, former NBC chief Jeff Gaspin is complaining that commercials ruin The Walking Dead for him.

Kurt and BurtGlee spoilers. I’m not saying anything, but it looks very Kurt and Burt centric.

I don’t know what the endgame would be, but Ofcom is investigating BSkyb for email hacking, which could affect their fitness to own a broadcast license. I know this is all terribly complicated, and most likely News Corp will shell out some cash and walk away, but I do enjoy seeing Murdoch’s news empire suffer a thousand little cuts.

The Cincinnati Enquirer literally had to yell “Stop the presses!” A photo from a gay rights rally had a woman holding a sign with the word “f*ck” on it and nobody noticed until thousands of copies had been printed.

Speaking of newspapers, the Sioux City Journal devoted their entire front page to an editorial on Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.’s suicide.Daniel Craig

Not a lot is getting out about Skyfall, but Daniel Craig does say that the movie has a lot more humor than Bond’s last two outings. “I’m so camp in this one, I’ve gone quite far.” So are we talking Roger Moore camp?

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