Morning Meme: Josh Lucas’ Baby Blues Join “J. Edgar,” SCOTUS Declines D.C. Marriage Challenge, and Hipster Superheroes

British host Jonathan
said in a radio interview that his daughter Betty
is a lesbian
, and that he loves and supports her.

American Idol alum
Alex Lambert is not homeless, despite a series of tweets to that effect.
His management company says that he doesn’t Alex Lamberthave a record deal, he’s being paid
and in the studio creating demos.


Jerry Lewis films
Cinderfella, The Bellboy, and The Family
set for remakes
. I’m not a huge fan of Jerry Lewis comedy to start with,
and his recent antics in the press make him less appealing. I’m not so keen on these remakes, though I’d be completely in support of a totally gay
take on Cinderfella.

I got a trio of Melissa
items for you. First,
she’s in a new relationship
, with Nurse
creator Linda Wallem.
Wallem was Etheridge’s “best man” at her wedding to ex Tammy. Speaking of Tammy, she put up another angry blog post, saying that a mis-delivered
package led her to the knowledge that there was someone else in Melissa’s life,
and sad as the situation is, I found the telling of the story giggle-worthy.
And in unusual casting news, Etheridge is going to substitute for Billie Joe Armstrong as drug dealer St. Jimmy onstage in American
February 1-6.

The new hospital visitation rules for same-sex partners are now in
place for any hospital that receives funds from Medicare, which is almost all
Édgar Ramírezof them.

This totally NSFW link shows you some of the appeal of Carlos, which won best miniseries at the
Golden Globes. Star Édgar
írez has certain, um,

The estate of Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle
has reached a deal to have Anthony Horowitz, know for the Alex
YA series write a new Sherlock

A newly public letter from the Vatican warned Irish bishops
not to report pedophile priests to authorities. Some are calling this the “smoking

In what I can only think of as a transparent move to silence
critics of the Human Rights Campaign
turning Harvey Milk’s camera store
into a store, they’ve announced plans to provide Trevor Project with free space in the building. While I’m happy for
Trevor Project, I’ve become so cynical about the HRC that I think I trust Fox
News more. At least I know what Fox News wants to achieve.

This article about how the iPad could transform television is fun, even more
so because all the pieces exist. I’ve got a synchronized app for Despicable Me that does audio
translations, and another app that pulls extra content from online for BluRay
discs. We just need it for live television.Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas has joined J. Edgar.
Lucas will be playing a grief-stricken Charles
, as the film will contain a subplot about the kidnapping and
murder of the Lindbergh baby.

In signs that the recession may be ending, two new
super-yachts have appeared in the news. One is literally a 500-foot long scaled version of the principality of Monaco, including the
major hotels and even a go-kart version of the famous raceway to get around. Estimated
cost is a mere $760 million for your own floating country. The second, less
ambitious $17 million Ocean Empire LSV is self-sufficient, working
from solar, wind, and inertial power, and is environment friendly.

Both the FCC and the Department of Justice have approved the Comcast-NBC Universal deal with only the
Kabletown/Comcastvaguest of conditions to protect consumers and artists. All the major Hollywood
guilds have come out in opposition to the deal’s approval.

HBO says that Netflix can only have their content if Netflix
charges much more a month
. Note that they don’t say Netflix would have to
charge $20/month to pay for HBO’s content, just that they want to remain so
exclusive they won’t do the deal for a $7.99 subscription model, even if
Netflix paid them any amount of money.

Canned Whiskey. Just, well, no.

David Mixner reads this column. The David Mixner. I’m so beyond words
about that. And vaguely paranoid about maintaining quality.

A fascinating story about how marriage
has been “redefined”
through the ages.

Out Kiwi skater Blake
is pretty much my polar opposite: He’s athletic, young,
optimistic, and he doesn’t Blake Skjellruplike dogs. Yet he has such a great outlook on the future and equality,
and finds small moments of promise in something as simple as an ad for a
telecom company.

Lee Majors is going to guest star on $#*! My Dad Says opposite William
as an arrogant millionaire who competes for the affection of Jean Smart. How many decades of
television legends can they squeeze into a half hour?

In comics that amused me, HijiNKS ENSUE has Josh wondering
why he and his boyfriend can’t get pregnan
t. And over at Blur the Lines, we have a pitch for
a show on Logo
starring a clown and a fierce drag queen that fight crime
titled Wiggles & Wanda: Private Dicks.

The United States Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit by homophobe Bishop Harry
challenging the D.C. marriage equality, effectively ending challenges to the District’s new law.

A cat has been summoned to jury duty outside Boston, despite being a cat.
Even after being informed that the court had summoned a cat, the court still
demanded the feline report to do his duty. Personally, I wouldn’t trust a cat
to be “fair and impartial.” I also have to wonder Dark Willowwhat kind of trial it is,
since we’re supposed to face a “jury of our peers.”

Starbucks is about to make smartphone payment for your coffee an option via their app nationwide. Finally! I was so sick of just using the app to reload my gift card while standing in line.

Many Glee spoilers over at Spurf’s new site. But one that I’ll go ahead and say is that in an upcoming episode, Blaine gets to meet Kurt‘s father, Burt. I wonder why?

Seven Buffy the Vampire
actors were
asked what they thought
of the Whedon-less
movie in the works. All gave fun answers, but my favorite came from Alyson Hannigan, who said, “A Buffy
movie without Joss, I would crap on that … Joss was Buffy.”

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