Morning Meme: Joss Whedon’s Nerdgasm, Back To School With “That’s Gay,” and “Sparkles & Glitter”

Plus can Renner replace Cruise, a faceless Karl Urban, and Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars.

Jeremy Renner is
going to be the hot young agent working with Tom Cruise in Mission
Impossible 4
. And probably the hot young agent working without Tom Cruise
in Mission Impossible 5. I wonder how
Cruise feels about Renner’s upcoming Scientology movie?

So the cast of Dancing With the Stars
continues to leak out
, assuming the leaks are accurate. Now they
say that public speaker/actress Bristol
is going to do the show. Yes, she just said that Levi Johnston was a ‘ho
for the spotlight, and now she’s doing this. Can you imagine what Sarah is going to say if anyone
criticizes her daughter? Too late, this absolutely makes her a public figure.

Joss Whedon had a
“nerdgasm” when Paramount called him and told him the cast and crew for The Avengers. He says it’s “the job I’ve waited for my whole

People are speculating that if the NFL extends their season
to 13 games in the 2012-2013 season, the Oscars may have to move to Mondays. Of course, we gays
cannot stand by and let the Gay Super Bowl be bullied by the Super Bowl – haven’t
we taken enough crap from athletes in our lives?

It’s always fun when a small(ish) town has a big honor
bestowed on a native son or daughter. So Lynchburg is
suitably proud of the Emmy Award
win for editing for Modern Family, which gives them just a little bit of the spotlight
for raising Ryan Case.

The Ten Best Severed Penis Scenes in Science Fiction.

We do know that Tori
loves gay men – we have the guncles, we have Zachary Quinto’s character in NoTORIous,
we have Trick. So the rumor that she
only allowed gay men on her staff isn’t outrageous, but that she did it so her husband wouldn’t stray is just mean
spirited. Fortunately, it’s all made up.

Lawyers have weighed in on what Conan O’Brien might be allowed to say if he wins the Emmy Award Sunday
night. His non-disparagement agreement is in effect until September 1, so the
Emmy’s fall just a bit early for him. Basically though, as long as it’s a fact,
he can say it, which gives him a lot of wiggle room. 

Spurf says that Robin
is getting an origin story on How I Met Your Mother. She’ll have started out with Jessica
Glitter (Nichole Scherzinger) on a
talk show with Alan Thicke. Yes, that means there was once a “Glitter &
Sparkles” team.

The new Nikita on CW is getting a male
. Owen (Devon
) joins in episode five, and is supposed to be Maggie Q’s equal in the spy crafts. I get the feeling E! doesn’t
like the actor though, because a quick glance shows he’s a really hot dude, but
the picture they used is just awful.

Fans are invited to weigh in on which of Lady Gaga’s looks Madame Tussaud creates. They intend on different
looks at different museums around the world.

Blockbuster has told major movie studios it plans to file for bankruptcy next month. The chain is deeply in
debt, and the studios need it to keep buying DVDs for stores, sale and mail
rental, while Blockbuster needs to be able to pay for the discs (or not) until
it can restructure.

A live tiger was found in a bag of toy tigers at a Thai
Airport. It’s either a baby tiger, or a really big bag. Darn cats are getting
sneaky trying to smuggle assassins to kill me.


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