Morning Meme: “Kneel Before Zod,” “SNL” Gives Us Perspectives, and First Peek at Cheyenne Jackson’s Return To “Glee”

So the big news since the last time I wrote one of these
things is that Britney Spears is going to sing on a remix of Rihanna’s “S&M.” And I’m not trying to be mean, but is there
any evidence that Britney sings on her own songs anymore, much less someone

Michael Shannon

Kneel before Zod! Michael
has been cast opposite Henry
in Man of Steel. I know absolutely nothing about him beyond the
fact that he has an Oscar nomination.

In the UK, they’re preparing to lift the ban on blood donations by gay men, but only if
they’ve been celibate for ten years. I suppose those men exist, but this just
seems like pandering.

I have nothing against Jennifer
, but what kind of voodoo is she practicing? She’d completely dropped
off the map, and now she’s back with a hit single, judging American Idol, and she’s going to be the cover girl on People’s
annual “Most Beautiful” issue?

Time has a rather bizarre essay by a man who wonders if it’s even possible to become a true gay icon, like Elizabeth Taylor these days. He got
input from Kathy Griffin and Dan Savage, but I just don’t think his
heart is in it. Besides, I don’t think you can set out to become an icon.

For me, Cyndi Lauper
comes close. She’s a personal hero to me, and as she says “I have had a very long and enduring love
affair with the Cyndi LauperLGBT community.” She’s in our causes, and she’s in our corner.
She plans on opening the apartment building in New York City later this year
dedicated to GLBT youth.

operates on the concept of bringing straight allies to work on GLBT causes as
advocates. But I really can’t imagine a stranger group to work on this than Clinton architect David Mixner, unpopular gay conservative
Ken Mehlman, and Chelsea Clinton herself.

From the “I need a raise” files, the cast of the Jersey
have shaken down MTV for $100k/each per episode. And in
more instances of the parent company tossing around big money, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman is the highest paid CEO in the United States, earning $84.5
million in just nine months last year.

 Binational socialites
Alan and Andy have been together for 50 years. They never had any desire
to get married, but that didn’t make their love any less. They’ve been huge supporters of charity causes (and jewelry stores) for decades, and have a story that
makes you go “Aww!”Kermit Miss Piggy

I’m fascinated by this profile of how the Muppet brand was nearly destroyed over the last 30 years, despite
holding a cultural significance right up there with Woody Allen, The Simpsons, and Saturday
Night Live
for comedians. And I can talk about this
now, because Neil Patrick Harris is in the movie, so it’s relevant. And the
Muppets are going back to their roots: its written for adults, the Muppets live in the
real world, and think they’re alive. Remember, the original title for the first episode of The
Muppet Show
was The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence.


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