Morning Meme: Lady Gaga For Japanese Quake Relief, Links To Huge Klaine Spoilers, and Cooking With Stephen Wallem

So I’m back from meeting up with all the big gay bloggers in
San Francisco. I had a great trip, and will get something together for you
about that shortly. First I have to clear it with the cabal, since I’m now part
of evil Gay, Inc. according to Twitter.Blind Date

But for now, on to the things you tuned in for. Since it’s Glee
Day, let’s start there. First, do we have an earth shattering Klaine spoiler? And what about Karofsky? And which Gleek needs a psychiatrist? All of them? Plus, which Gleek had a
turn on Blind Date before he was famous?

If any other celebrity had tweeted a picture of something
that could be a joke, or could be NSFW peen,
I’d be certain that it was a joke. But when it’s James Franco, it could be peen as part of some art piece. But I
still say it’s his finger.

The American Bar Association says that out federal bench nominee J. Paul Oetken is “unanimously qualified to sit on the federal

WorldNetDaily decided to take the Human Rights Campaign’s
buying guide and ask Christians to support companies that got low scores.
That whole “love thy brother” thing seems to have a few exceptions in it.

Being Human Scooby Doo and the gang are going to cross over to Batman: The Brave and the Bold
courtesy of Bat Mite, voiced by Paul

This press release saying that Being Human BBC is getting a fourth season has a fairly huge spoiler in it
about the season 3 finale, so read with caution.

I wonder if the NFL lockout means that they’ll greenlight more pilots to
series this year in anticipation of having no football to dominate the fall

Jane Lynch, Ellen DeGeneres and a host of other
stars have signed on to a letter to President Obama urging him to get past his struggle with marriage

They’ve figured out how to print ads or brands on condoms. The first out of the gate
is a KISS condom with Gene Simons’ face/tongue, wBret Easton Ellishich for me
would be a mood killer. NSFW images here.

AT&T is in the news for two things today besides the
lousy iPhone service I had in San Francisco. First, they’re making calling to Japan free for this month, which is admirable.
Secondly, they’re putting a bandwidth cap on home internet and adding overage
charges. Otherwise known as trying to kill Netflix.

Bret Easton Ellis,
the king of excess and exploitation, gives his opinion on Charlie
. Guess what? It’s our fault.

The BBC managed an apology for Hugh
rugby comments over the weekend. Well, it was one of those “sorry
for any offence” apologies,  but made
classier by how they spelled “offence.”

Having just returned from a conference about bullying, this report out of southern California is fairly sickening,
and not only are the teachers complicit in the bullying, sometimes they’re
active participants. One lesbian student alleges a teacher wrote an “S” on her
hand for “Sinner.”

Sean ParkerMeanwhile, in Ohio we have a
report of a suicide
by a 13-year-old boy who was bullied and
called gay because he dropped football to join the school band. Update: The mother has contacted Queerty to clarifyevents surrounding her son’s death, which may have been accidental, though the bullying was real.

What if Napster’s Sean
bought Warner Music using his Facebook money? Some reports
have this as a possibility.

Lady Gaga has raised over $250,000 in 48 hours for Japan earthquake
relief selling her custom relief bracelet.

Did you hear we’re nominated for a Gaybie? We’d love to win if you feel like voting for us.
Be warned, some of the other categories have slightly NSFW imagery.

In ten years since the Netherlands pioneered marriage
equality, ten countries have signed up for fairness. Sadly, the “leader
of the free world” isn’t one of them.

Detailed research proves that Batman went to Yale. Because curing cancer wasn’t
that important.

Kristin Chenoweth
has been cast in the pilot for Good Christian Bitches
(which the PTC hates). She’s going to play “Darlene, the beautifulKristin Chenoweth and
manipulative  head of this group of
women, the G.C.B.s. A classic Dallas housewife and villain motivated by her
skewed sense of goodness, Darlene is a good Christian woman who goes to church
regularly, knows her Scripture, and has no compunctions about breaking a few
Commandments here and there.”

The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson (nice guy, met him this
weekend) couldn’t get White House Press Secretary Carney to speak about President Obama‘s reaction to Maryland tabling equality for
another year.

I generally love Cybill
, but this sounds like a truly terrible role.

Out actor BD Wong
has been cast in the high-concept REM pilot about a
detective who wakes up to find out he’s living in two separate realities.

Love, Etc., a documentary that tracks five relationships over
the course of a year has found a distributor. One of the relationships is a
single gay man about to become father of twins who is braving the dating

Andrew GarfieldDavid Lynch is set to direct a Duran
concert film. That should be different.

Martin Sheen is
set to play Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield. He recalls Garfield calling him before shooting began: “He called me up and
said, ‘This is Andrew Garfield’ and I said, ‘Who?’ and he said, ‘Uh, we’re in
the movie together…’ and I said, ‘Yeah, what part do you play?’ and he said,
‘Uh, I play your nephew!’ I liked him instantly.”

Over at Blabbeando, Andres
(met him too – great guy)scored an in-depth interview with Jennifer Lopez that ranged over a variety of topics including being
out in the music industry. “I just think it’s a reflection of the
real world we live in. And it’s OK to be out. I do think it is. I do think it’s
acceptable for people to be who they are. I am a huge advocate of that. In that
sense, that’s the only way we can truly love ourselves, it’s by accepting who
we are and letting everybody know who we are.”

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