Morning Meme: Lafayette and Jesus In Domestic Bliss, 10 Downing’s GLBT Reception and Adam Levine Fails to Move Like Jagger

I couldn’t find them anywhere embeddable, but EW has eight new videos from True Blood’s new season.
The third video is Lafayette andLafayette and Jesus Jesus in what appears to be witchy
domestic bliss. Did we skip over the wild sex period in their relationship?

Speaking of True Blood, in this mashup of characters who are yet to have sex with
each other, the idea of Jason Stackhouse
and Rev. Newlin is the most
interesting, since I felt their sexual tension was off the charts. Of course
Jason Stackhouse can have sexual tension with a tree stump.

A Methodist pastor has been convicted of marrying two lesbians, but found innocent of
being a practicing homosexual herself. Perhaps she’s just perfected the art?

Considering it was filled with cultural references, it turns
out that Heathers holds up well to the test of time. And I disagree with the
author – “I love my dead, gay son!” is still a fabulous line.

Spy vs SpyIn news that writes its own jokes, Sarah Palin has quit her bus tour at the halfway mark. #NotTheOnion

While it does sound like news that could derail The
Dark Tower
, Ron Howard has signed on to do a movie version of Spy vs. Spy. I spent hours,
if not weeks playing the Commodore 128 Spy vs. Spy game with a childhood friend. We were obsessed.

While accusing the paparazzi of calling the cops to give him
a parking ticket so they could film it, musical asshat Chris Brown yelled “Y’all n**gas is weak. Did you all call
them to try and film me? Y’ALL N**GAS IS GAY.” Which was all captured on film. The comments are works of

Reports that the orange bag of meat is going to pick up $65
million/year for Celebrity Apprentice are so far from correct NBC felt it necessary to issue a

Warren Beatty is planning to star as Howard
in a film that he will also direct. He’s also after major talent,
setting up meetings withAndrew Garfield Andrew Garfield,
Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening, Shia La
, Jack Nicholson, Evan Rachel Wood and Rooney Mara.

As gay organizations continue to implode over letters to the
FCC in support of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, six board members have resigned from GLAAD, and Equality
California has retracted their letter of support.

Ben Cohen sat down to talk
about his anti-homophobia campaign
, and says that while he never witnessed
any bullying in sport due to sexuality, he’s still moved to stamp it out.

The news that stunned those of us who follow media closely
was out Pulitzer Prize winner Jose
Antonio Vargas
coming out – as an undocumented immigrant. Meanwhile, Sen. Menendez has introduced GLBT inclusive immigration reform to the

TWU Local 556 has released a statement concerning the
horrible homophobic rants of a Southwest pilot on an open radio in March. The
union is considering filing a federal EEOC complaint.

Meanwhile, a man Ryan Dunnwearing blue women’s underwear and very
little else was allowed to board a US Airways flight without incident.

The Village Voice comes out In Praise of Promiscuity. They have some good points.

Locke & Key may never make it to your television screens,
but if you’re heading out to Comic Con, there’s going to be a single public screening of the pilot.

Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Ryan
memorial service. I really don’t think they want to mess around with
an emotional Jackass crowd.

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