Morning Meme: Lance Bass Cries Foul, Sneak Peek At “Magic Mike” and George Takei’s Greatest (and Weirdest) Moments

Just a reminder that we’re on a reduced posting schedule this week. I’ll be here every morning, and snicks in the evening, and there may be something in between, but we need to feed the reindeer at this point.Lance Bass We still love you.

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t like Lance Bass’ attitude about the whole “tranny” incident. He wrote a piece on Huffington Post complaining the gay sites immediately called him out on the slur, while HuffPost invited him to write about the incident. And besides, how was he supposed to know? I have two problems here. First, I don’t have Lance’s cell number, or I could have given him a guest column. Of course, my email is on the masthead here if he felt he needed a forum – I would have hooked him up! But the bigger issue here is that Lance hosts red carpet shows, a Sirius XM program, and was co-hosting Access Hollywood. He IS media. This wasn’t a red carpet boo-boo. If he intends to make a living being media, he needs to take responsibility to read things like GLAAD Media Reference Guide, which is in the 7th edition.

You’ve now finished Christmas, and likely shredded packaging on dozens of items. But just how much trash was generated, and what is the impact on people and planet? Mother Jones counts it down in fun, horrifying fashion. Read and learn, or you could be one of the 5,700 people each year sent to the hospital by clamshell packaging.

Sure you know all about the big names we lost in 2011, like Elizabeth Taylor and Christopher Hitchens, but we lost a great many other brilliant contributors to society like Ruth Stone. The New York Times has teamed with Ira Glass to tell the stories of thirteen more artists we lost this year.

Boy GeorgeThe London Daily News has named Boy George their Man of the Year for his return of the icon Christ to the Church of Cyprus this year.

In a move I can’t imagine for the day job, much less something that moves 24/7 like this site, Volkswagen has agreed to put in place curbs to company email via Blackberry, except for 30 minutes on either end of their shift, untethering workers and allowing for free time.

Mel Gibson is reportedly $400 million poorer after his divorce was finalized last week. The troubled asshat had no prenup for his marriage.

The actress suing IMDb for publishing her real age will not be allowed to do so anonymously. She can either amend her claim to include her name or will have it dismissed. I’m still a little confused as to how publishing factual information in the public record on a public figure could be considered actionable, but I’m not a lawyer. John?

This list of George Takei’s Greatest and Weirdest Moments has a ton of things I had completely forgotten.George Takei

It stayed fairly quiet over the weekend, but we probably haven’t heard the last about whether Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum paid off Bob Vander Plaats in order to win the anti-gay hate group leader’s endorsement in Iowa.

Remember that lovely homecoming kiss between the two Navy girlfriends? We loved it, but evidently many readers of newspapers that covered it had a very different reaction.

Louis Vuitton is famous for overzealous trademark protection. They’re now suing Warner Bros. over the bag in The Hangover 2 that was identified as Louis Vuitton. They say the bag in the movie is a knockoff, and the movie must be digitally altered and all copies of the original destroyed.

PinkPink did a great thing over the weekend after hearing about a dog that had been thrown off an L.A. overpass – she called the shelter and paid the $5,000 to save the animal’s life. TMZ covered it extensively. Then Harvey Levin tweeted that that same $5,000 could have fed 10 dogs instead. Pink was not having that from paparazzi. “@HarveyLevinTMZ I do both actually. at least I don’t spend my money employing criminals to go+harass people. Maybe you should save something?

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