Morning Meme: Lee Daniels Talks Two Americas, Justin Bieber is 3% of Twitter, and TLC Brings America “Sister Wives”

Plus Cassidy Haley puts Posh Spice‘s heels to shame, Ms. Betty Bowers and the Christian Sex Tape, and new Glee footage.

Out director Lee Daniels
still hasn’t settled on which project is next for him, but in the meantime, he’s
“presenting” Prince of Broadway for
NYU grad Sean Baker. In a new interview he talks about discovering racism, and
the two (or is it three?) Americas. “I’m gay, I have a white partner, I live in
New York but I think the world is different from Los Angeles and New York City
and that we’re cities of our own. We’re countries of our own, actually.”

I find The Good Men Project to be a hit-or-miss affair. I’ve
found pieces there about identity that made me bawl my eyes out. But looking at
it last night, I found it has a very schizophrenic relationship with
masculinity that I find really disturbing. This piece about what makes
men cry
is on the good side. This Body Issues piece, subtitled “the end of manhood as we know
it” or this piece on The Wussification of Youth Sports, I’m less supportive.

The man who wrote the original “Jump the Shark” episode, the
one that people claim killed Happy Days,
disputes that widely accepted fact. He reminds us that it was
less than halfway through the eleven year run. It was still bizarre to watch.

Three gay kids dead from suicide in the same school
district, but the school district doesn’t think it has a problem. Help tell them they’re wrong.

Justin Bieber is
almost always a top topic on Twitter. It takes a lot of power to support the
level of dedication and it requires serious hardware and dedicated servers. Yes, there is a rack in the Twitter datacenter labeled “Justin
Bieber.” You may weep now.

You can buy your own suggestively shaped plastic figurine of Sookie, Vampire
Bill, or Eric. I recommend Eric, because Vampire Bill has a Justin Bieber thing
going on.

Amy Poehler is
back at 30 Rock, this time hosting Saturday
Night Live’s
premiere September 25th. She’ll join a quartet
of new regulars, including the first African-American male in five years, who
has an Obama specialty.

The new Judge Dredd
movie starring Karl Urban has changed the title to just Dredd, further distancing itself from the cheesy Stallone picture.

The Mickey Mouse Penthouse at Disneyland might be just a touch
too much Mickey for me, but I doubt I could afford it anyhow.

The latest surveys of election materials say that neither
Democrat nor Republican candidates care much about gay rights in the upcoming election. In
fact, the Republicans seem to care slightly more, 21% to 7%. Granted, they
probably care the wrong way, but they are aware we exist.

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello swears he would never eat a steak without a knife like he did on
the show – at least not on the first date.

NBC has decided we need new holiday specials starring Kung-Fu Panda, Shrek,
and Monsters & Aliens. Thanks,
but I think I’ll stick to A Charlie Brown

A new report claims that the luxury fashion houses are
aggressively gifting celebrities they don’t like with fancy swag – just not their fancy swag, but that of their competitors. Jersey Shore’s Snookie is supposedly swimming in designer bags.

SyFy has given Billy
Ray Cyrus
and his tattooed son Trace
a new reality show, UFO:
Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious
. They’ll investigate paranormal and
unexplained phenomena, no doubt ending the first season in a fight to the death
with the cast of Ghost Hunters.

The politics of this Washington
article aren’t important – what’s important is that it originally quoted a satirical Twitter account for Rep. Jack Kimble of California’s 54th
district. Neither Kimble nor the district are real. Where did all the
journalists go?

Target has stooped to selling gift cards for Facebook, and you can use your real
money to buy fake animals for Farmville to annoy me in my news feed.

Electric Light
(ELO) founding cellist Mike
was killed in England when a giant hay bale rolled down the
hill and crushed his car.


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