Morning Meme: Louis Smith Wants You To Remember How Straight He Is, Jake Shears Thinks Gay Celebrities Should Come Out, and “Teen Wolf” Shows Us Its Twin Alphas (and Stiles)

Olympian and Strictly Come Dancing winner Louis Smith is happy to be a gay icon, but wants all us gays to remember he’s really, really straight. Louis Smith“As long as gay people can see the line, and that I fancy women, that’s fine. I don’t want to be put in a difficult, uncomfortable situation.” We’ll try to control ourselves.

Jake Shears is thrilled his friend Anderson Cooper has finally come out. He also thinks that gay celebrities have a responsibility to come out. “I think gay celebrities at least have the responsibility to come out. It can be tricky though.”

Buzzfeed has a list of seven states that they think could achieve marriage equality in 2013. Illinois, Delaware, Minnesota, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island and California are in play this year. I think Minnesota is a stretch – we didn’t win the fight against a constitutional amendment by much, and assuming people don’t want a giant permanent ban is a long way from deciding they’re ready for equality.

The National Union oTerry Richardson and Lady Gagaf Students is warning colleges against naked calendars like the Warwick Rowing Club put out, saying (particularly women) could end up on porn sites. Isn’t this stating the obvious? And much to my surprise, I’m not sure being naked online, particularly for charity, is going to be a life obstacle in the 21st century.

Lady Gaga has announced that celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is making a movie about her called ARTPOP, which is also the title of her upcoming album.

In a little noticed policy change Mexico has lifted their ban on gay men donating blood, becoming the first nation in the Americas to do so. Now the ban focuses on conditions, like hepatitis and HIV status, rather than a class of people.

Sir Patrick Stewart still doesn’t know much about his role in X-Men: Days of Future Past,Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart but he’s thrilled about his costar. “I’m very happy that my lovely friend Ian McKellen is going to be with me. “I don’t know anyone else who is to be involved in the project. Maybe it’s just the two of us! “That would be a movie! Magneto and Xavier’s conversations…” I’d watch it.

A Maryland trolley company that offered wedding party transport is getting out of the business rather than accommodate same-sex couples. This was discovered when a straight man enquired about the service and was told it was ending, because the owner couldn’t discriminate as a public accommodation as churches can. The straight man responded “It is your right to run your business any way you see fit, but let’s be honest here, you drive a trolley up and down a street. Not exactly God’s work.”

Why do mirrors reverse left-right but not up-down? Have you ever thought about it? Because the answer may not be quite what you think.

Parrots have different tastes in music, just like people, but they all seem to hate dance music like Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.

I’m all for gun control (really, let’s have a lot of it), but I think it’s ridiculous that the D.C. police are investigating journalist David Gregory for holding up a large capacity clip on the air.

Doctor Who The Royal Mail is unveiling first class stamps with each of the eleven Doctors on them. Major enemies like the Daleks will adorn second class postage.

In the United States, we get less vacation time that almost any western nations, and we still don’t take it. Personally, I don’t have that problem, as I’m technically over on my vacation time for this year (but I only get two weeks).

Justice Sotomayor has declined an emergency petition by Hobby Lobby to block the provision in the Affordable Care Act that requires employer plans to cover certain emergency contraception, like the morning after pill. The company is still able to take their lawsuit through the lower courts. This should serve as a reminder that Hobby Lobby is basically Chick-Fil-A for crafts, and you can spend your money elsewhere.

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