Morning Meme: Loving “American Idiot,” “From Homogeneous To Honey,” Madonna Speaks of “Glee” and Walking a “Tightrope”

Betty White rides again, laughter is back in style, a Hero falls, Lindsay Lohan works, and name that naked torso!

Mad Men was
already dead to me with the way they treated Sal, and fortunately it will be
dead to the world soon enough, as creator Matt Weiner
says he won’t take the critical favorite past six seasons

Forbes is smoking the good stuff, because they’ve got a list of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, and
somehow stuck Seth Rogen at the top
of the list, having never heard of Neil Patrick
four billion projects. They even find Seth to be busier than their
#2, Morgan Freeman, and he’s in

Critics seem to appreciate American Idiot,
even if it’s not exactly what the New York City theater snobs would call a “musical.”
Still, when it opens on Tuesday, they all agree that it will bring some sorely
needed energy to Broadway.

Remember the school district accused of activating
the webcams on student issued laptops? Discovery in the lawsuit is leading to thousands of images of the students in their homes
and some pretty creepy stuff.

In sad news, James
Aubrey, the actor best known for playing Ralph
in the original Lord of the Flies has passed away at age
62 from pancreatitis. While he never achieved fame in America as an adult, he
had a full career on stage and television in England.

Officially called the RightNetwork, Comcast is
launching an On Demand channel
that "focuses on entertainment with
Pro-America, Pro-Business, Pro-Military sensibilities." Doing their promos
is none other than La Cage Aux Folles’
Kelsey Grammer, and they’ve been
filming at Tea Party rallies across the nation.

Sitcom pilots are up 25% this year compared to last year, thanks to
the success of local favorites Modern
and The Big Bang Theory.
That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see more funny on our televisions come
fall, but it does mean they’re at least interested in trying to make us laugh.

The 61-year-old Grace Jones did an extensive interview with The Guardian, and it seems she’s
still just as formidable today as she was in the late 1970s. She’s also quite
dismissive of Lady Gaga, who reportedly
asked to play with her. Said Jones, "Yes, she did, but I said no. I’d just prefer to
work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me,
actually." The whole thing is a fun read.

Back in 1988 when the horribly homophobic Section 28 was
winding its way toward becoming law in the UK, Neil Gaiman and Bryan Talbot
a comic series in protest called From
Homogenous To Honey
. Bryan Talbot has made the entire comic file available
for download through his website.

A golden retriever named Lady walked with his 81-year-old owner as he wandered from his
home. When the old man died in a field and was missing for a week, the dog stayed by his side the entire time, only
straying a few feet to a ditch for water until authorities found her owner and his devoted

Autocorrect is the devil. I know if fixes things every time
I type “teh” instead of “the” but it can really butcher other things when it
guesses wrong. And now it’s being blamed for 7,000 copies of a cookbook having
to be pulped
and reprinted because a recipe called for “salt and black
people” in one spot instead of “salt and black pepper.” Think about that before
you mock my mistakes.

The 13 Types
on Twitter
is fairly encompassing, and “The Over Tweeter” was me at one
point, but I’m not sure where on the list I’d fall these days.

This New York Times
piece on the gay costume fetish parties called Skin Tight USA is
kind of sexy, with pictures of built guys in Lycra flirting shamelessly, and
sometimes even mixing DC with Marvel. But buried at the end of the story is the
sad news that Showtime has let Perry
Hero series die on the
vine, even if Stan Lee says it could
live on elsewhere.

Despite reports that Madonna
was clueless about Glee and licensed
her songs blindly to something she didn’t understand (like Madonna isn’t a
control freak), Us managed to get a statement from the Material Girl,
and she’s seen the episode and loves it. Her favorite characters are Kurt and
Sue, and she loves the empowered women.

And going back to movies about adult topics, Lindsay Lohan is planning on starring
in one (of several) movies about Linda Lovelace, this one titled Inferno.

In a heartbreaking story, Sonoma County failed to recognize a decades-long relationship
of an elderly gay couple. They separated them, sold off their joint possessions,
and confined the healthiest to a nursing home against his will, isolating him
from his partner at the end of his life. The whole thing is heartbreaking.

Later we’ll have some expanded coverage, but I just loved how adorable yet debonair Chris Colfer looks onstage at the TV Land Awards Saturday night as the cast accepts their Future Classic Award. I almost didn’t recognize him – our baby’s all grown up.

Plus he doesn’t appear to be wearing blue. I don’t recognize him without the standard blue shirt.

Aren’t the baby goats cute?

So much for graceful.

The king of the kittehs thinks you’re ruining the rep.

But at least your friends are checking on you down on the floor.

The Portland Mercury ran a contest to ask viewers what kind of cover they wanted to see. The winning description would be drawn by Andrew Zubko, who had that epic drawing of Batman fighting a shark with a lightsaber. The winning description was Betty White holding a flaming chainsaw while riding John Ritter.

Yet the result is so much more than the description.

This optical illusion jiggles like my belly after a long winter of blogging.

This insane profile is Cheyenne Jackson after a wrestling match with his puppy, perhaps as a result of a dispute on the shape of a cloud they were watching.

Next time she calls it a bunny, it’s a bunny.

One of my oldest crushes, Ryan Phillipe hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. Even Ryan couldn’t save it, though he tried valiantly. They wasted his acting, and they definitely wasted his body when during "Weekend Update" they had a castmember in a Speedo as "Father Swim Coach Scoutmaster" when discussing the Catholic Church. But here he may have spent some time with Andy Samberg as "The Other Guy." It was Will Forte in my fantasies. O.K., in my fantasies, it was me. But in my fantasies about the show it was Will Forte.

Also on SNL this weekend was Ke$ha, who if we’re honest looked more like an SNL parody of a musical guest. It’s just so bad.

Mostly thinking about reader cufflinksandtie, who sent me great links about rich people’s submarines, I bring over this Wall Street Journal tour of the yacht "A" belonging to Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. h/t to Towleroad for helping me find it.

Because it’s Monday, and we all need a laugh, we have this video of a guy dunking a basketball, which is cool. But ruining the cool factor is when he decides to show off and climb the basket. Should have quit while he was ahead.

This behind-the-scenes footage of The A-Team would be really boring except for the fact that Bradley Cooper is really, really handsome.

While I was Twitter stalking (for work, I swear!) Broadway’s Matt Doyle, I saw him SQUEEing! over Janelle Monae‘s music video for "Tightrope" and now I can’t wait for the album. Music makes Monday a little easier – plus girl’s got pipes, and moves!

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