Morning Meme: Madonna Wants Another Kiss From Britney, Ryan Gosling May Not Have Been Heroic, and Enver Gjokaj Wrestles With “Frenemies”

In regards to my visit to Washington & Lee University for the debate between Maggie Gallagher and Andrew Sullivan, I’m still digesting. It was great to get Andrew Sullivantogether with Dennis though, we really never see each other, and we’re not even sure that snicks is a real person or just a 1980s model computer. As far as the debate, held in the Lee Chapel over the crypt, Maggie didn’t really seem on her best game and was all over the place with an admittedly polite but hostile audience. Sullivan made a wonderfully personal case for marriage equality being the conservative ideal for finding a way to bring a new disruption into the constructs of a society without destabilizing it.

But Dennis and I spent about a half hour talking to Maggie at the reception, just us. She’s articulate, and there really isn’t anything “mean” about her positions. I don’t agree with how she gets causality with marriage equality issues, but she’s not, as often portrayed, a monster. She believes her position strongly, but ascribing gay hate to her seems terribly wrong at this point. I don’t think she sees the impact of her positions in the real world, and I disagree mightily with some of the tactics NOM has used, but I hesitate to keep the personal tone of the past, even if it’s personal to me.

Most surreal moment of the night was finding out she’d seen Wednesday’s Meme in which I mentioned I was attending the debate. Google Alert or not, knowing she read enough to remember my name shocked me dumb for a moment. Also, as Andrew was leaving (we hadn’t been able to get near him all night, swarmed by students having their moment), he stopped to give Dennis a hug (and meet me). Seems they’re old friends from D.C. And thanks again to OUTLaw for the invite. I’ll come back anytime.

On to the news!

Keith OlbermannIn an expected move, Keith Olbermann has filed suit against Current TV for breach of contract and sabotage.

Bully has gotten a PG-13 rating in time to expand wide. They did edit the film and remove three “f*cks” but not the ones from the scene causing so much controversy. That stayed intact as Lee Hirsch had insisted. Evidently Ted Olson and David Boies were instrumental in getting the MPAA to review the cuts and assign the rating outside their normal 90 day waiting period.

Matt Lauer has signed a long term deal to stay on The Today Show which will net him a cool $25 million/year.

There’s a reality show being developed that I might actually watch. It’s all about bacon! Developed with Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, who developed Bacon Salt, it promises “In the great American tradition of making the ridiculous even more ridiculous-er, we at J&D’s Foods look forward to joining the ranks of Snooki, the Kardashians and Flava Flav as America’s next great reality TV stars.”

Park Overall, best known for playing Laverne, the sassy southern nurse on Empty Nest, is running for Senator in Tennessee, where she hopes to unseat incumbent Republican Bob Corker. She says she was inspired by the GOP war on womens rights. Park Overall

Madonna tweeted Britney Spears and asked her to come on stage and kiss her again. What about Christina!

You really have to go read about how The Office’s Zach Woods once got caught web searching if you could get a girl pregnant dry humping through jeans. Now he only dry humps in dungarees.

Towleroad has the details on comic book Supurbia’s gay storyline, and the wife catching the hero all humped up on his male sidekick.

In the wake of Daniel Zamudio’s death, Chile’s Congress passed an anti-discrimination law. The bill barely passed the House, and details have to be worked out with the Senate version, but President Pinera is expected to sign the law.

Sky News is the latest part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire to admit to hacking, this time emails. Their defense is that they turned it over to the police and therefore it was in the “public interest.” Oddly, the law doesn’t have a “public interest” exemption for private companies.

Ryan GoslingThere appears to be some question if it was actually Ryan Gosling who saved the woman from stepping in front of the cab this week. His publicist will only confirm that Ryan is indeed in New York City this week. Do we have a copycat Ryan? Is he single? Is he gay?

The National Organization for Marriage is demanding an investigation into how the Human Rights Campaign acquired their tax returns, with donor names intact.

I can’t summarize the beauty of the Jason Biggs essay about being known as a “pie f*cker” for years. You really just have to experience it for yourself.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has dropped out of Django Unchained to focus on his own directorial debut. I hate to lose any chance to see JoGo on my screen.

The Ohio student who is suing his high school for the right to wear his “Jesus Was Not a Homophobe” shirt has been granted permission to wear it for April 20, the National Day of Silence. But since the school says he cannot wear it any other time, his lawsuit is proceeding.

The ACLU is looking into the voter irregularities and charges of fraud in the Prop Five vote in Alaska. There appear to have been same day registrations, ballot shortages and other issues.Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are reuniting for a concert supporting their singing competition, Q’Viva! The Chosen Live.

ACT UP is mobilizing a massive march/protest on Wall Street April 25, 2012 as part of their anniversary actions.

Joe McElderry has been confirmed as the headlining act for Pride Glasgow.

The Beavis & Buttthead writers have been confirmed for the big-screen version of Woody Woodpecker. This can’t possibly end well.

Chris Geidner has all the details you need to know about the DOMA hearings in Boston this week, and it’s significant.

Nick JonasThere is finally a Tumblr dedicated to one of my favorite things in the world: Nick Jonas’ ass.

When the Archdiocese visited DeLaSalle Catholic High School for a mandatory assembly with (soon to be voting) seniors, they got an earful from kids who aren’t anti-gay. Hell, some of them are gay. I love the younger generation when they do stuff like this. But stay off my lawn!


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