Morning Meme: Major Santana News, Cam Goes All “Glee” On “Modern Family,” and Who’s Getting Naked On “True Blood?”

Because someone up there loves me, Russell Brand did not get the top two spots at the box office, with Hannah
edging out Arthur for the #2 slot once all the money was counted. Your
, which I thought was mediocre at best (but not
), came in at a disappointing #9.Joe Managaniello

According to a new interview by MTV at the NewNowNext
Awards, our sexiest werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello) spends a great deal of time nekkid in the new season of True
. My cable provider better be offering a special on HBO and Starz
for new customers.

I never know what the Daily Mail is talking about, but evidently they think Google is out to destroy British
culture. This is silly, because Americans love British culture. British cuisine,

Modern Family spoilers about how Lady
fits into an upcoming episode may involve Mitchell giving Cam a
roofie. Also, Dr. Coop’s moms are back on Nurse Jackie, and it sounds like a

In Alaska, several dozen men donned some serious high heels (honey, Steve McQueen is
pleased) to drawn attention to violence against women. It’s an interesting

How is it not legal to allow HIV+
organs to be transplanted into HIV+ people
? Especially with the need for
kidneys and livers as the drugs ravage the body.

David Mixner
brings to my attention a Newsweek profile on male-on-male rape in the military, and how there
are 50,000 male veterans last Joe Jonasyear alone suffering from military sexual trauma.

If Joe Jonas
wants to dirty up his squeaky clean image a bit, there has to be a better way
than recording a track with rage obsessed Chris Brown.

I don’t really know who Ra
Al Ghul
is in the Batman canon,
but Josh Pence, who you know from
the neck down, has been cast as the young version in The Dark Knight Rises.

When I spoke at Washington & Lee, a favorite gay
television character was Jack McPhee. I wonder how those students will like Kerr Smith as a former military man investigating a major murder on NCIS?

Willow is going to reprise her role in American Reunion, the American
sequel that’s coming up. Alyson
found some time in her schedule to complete the cast. But I still
think these things should mix and match roles: WhatAlyson Hannigan American Pie if Dark Willow came back to
her high school reunion?

You should really hop across to see the ad here, but Fox
News has their knickers in a twist over a page in a J Crew catalog with a mom
bonding with her son, painting his toenails pink. She says she’s just lucky to
have a son whose favorite color is pink. Honestly, just go look at the ad and
tell me it isn’t the sweetest thing in the world.

Sometimes science amazes me. They’ve figured out how to read stripes on zebras like barcodes, so they can identify
them uniquely to track them for studies. I guess zebras don’t vary a lot in
weight, so things don’t sag or distort like tattoos on humans as they age.

Every time Andy Cohen
opens his mouth and he’s not talking about Snoopy,
I want to fly to New York Andrew SullivanCity, sit him down and just go “No!”  When asked what gay stereotypes drive him nuts, he says “So many, but
I think the lisping, flamboyant queen thing is over played and it’s just lame
at this point. I think now there’s so many gay people who are parents, spouses,
and who have real committed long-term relationships that the idea that
everyone’s in a boa dancing on a bar is, you know, very 1988.” You know what
gaystereotypes drive me nuts Andy, yet still exist? Got a mirror handy? Of
course you do! There’s a ton more to hate in that interview.

Welcome home, Andrew
. Your long nightmare is over. You have your green card.

The United States Chamber of Commerce has selected their
liberal targets to discredit, and Chase
of New Left Media made the cut. Like he needed any more reasons to know he
was changing the world.

Gwenyth Paltrow
may have finally overreached on Glee. I don’t know that any amount
of AutoTune can help her pull off Adele. Not many people can.Britanna

In other Glee
news, sure there’s some minor stuff on Kurt
and Blaine, and even Jonathan Groff, but the meat of the spoiler was when Brad Fulchuk says of Santana
“She’s definitely a lesbian.” I don’t know how much more straightforward you
can get.


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