Morning Meme: Massive Comic-Con Roundup, GLAAD Is Mad, and “Avengers, Assemble!”

Plus Matthew Mitcham is precious, Sir Ian McKellen wows South Africa, and Adam Lambert says the process of touring is anything but glam.

I’ve got so much information, I don’t know where to start.
Comic-Con dominated the news in the entertainment world this weekend. We have a
growing gallery of pictures on our Facebook page. News related to
fantasy projects – swords, kings, magic, ghosts, vampires, gods, werewolves,
etc. is best summarized over with our friends at We’ll mix
it up from there.

Over the weekend, GLAAD issued a call-to-action about
homophobic and violent tweets from MTV’s Real
World:New Orleans
housemate Ryan Leslie.
He had responded to a call that his behavior on the show was homophobic with “@xxxxx
I would love to see you in person, and smash your gay f*cking face in.” GLAAD wants you to respond to Ryan, and they include MTV in the sample response, though I doubt the network
has any control over a Real World
cast member who wrapped the show months ago. Leslie has responded to that with “No
gay hate here.” Which seems at odds with the show and his earlier tweet.

I’m a little uncomfortable with the phrasing of a question
from NY Mag to model-of-the-moment
Francisco Lachowski
about being photographed in his
underwear by Karl Lagerfeld. The
kid’s a pro though, and handled that and the whole interview better than the

Nickelodeon has greenlit a movie about one of my favorite cartoons they’ve done, The Fairly Oddparents (I just love Cosmo.) This will be live action with Drake Bell as a 23-year-old Timmy Turner who won’t grow up and lose
his fairies. Jason Alexander is
starring as Cosmo, which just ruins it for me.

Elizabeth Taylor squashed rumors that someone was going to do a movie
about her life. She says “No one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor, but Elizabeth
Taylor. Not at least until I’m dead, and at the moment I’m having too much fun
being alive.” I love the old girl.

Ben Whishaw has signed on to be the lead in Alan Ball’s dark comedy for HBO called All Signs of Death. They’re getting ready to shoot the pilot about a
slacker (played by Whishaw) who becomes a crime scene cleaner and gets entangled
in a murder mystery.

I guess Logo running back-to-back Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns did something for the brand,
because Jones Soda is taking preorders for a limited edition Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spellcasting Soda in
six flavor packs. Buffy’s Blue Bubblegum
and Willow’s Green Apple Witches Brew
are among the flavors.

Glee attended
Comic-Con and did a panel for reporters. One of the things they announced was a Rocky
Horror Picture Show
-themed episode
. I heard snicks squeal like a little girl from hundreds of miles away when
he read it. He seems to think it’s a play, and has the cast as follows: Kurt should play Biker thug Eddie (played by Meatloaf in
the movie), Puck is Frank n Furter, Finn and Rachel are Brad and Janet, Sue
is Riff-Raff, Mercedes is Magenta, Tina or Santana is Columbia, Will is the Criminologist, Artie is Dr. Scott, and in the role of Rocky … Special guest star Cheyenne Jackson (who already has the

In the Sunday advice column of the Washington Post, a woman says that her ex-husband, to whom she was
married to for 22 years, is gay. They’ve divorced, but he wanted to come out to
friends and family on his own time, which is very slowly – does she need to lie for him? I get that the crux of the
answer is right, but it’s delivered without the nuance of understanding what
coming out, especially late-in-life, is like. 

Adam Lambert has
an informal interview talking about the less-than-glamorous nature of touring
for Glamnation, his health habits and
other little tidbits.

Russell T. Davies
wants you to know that casting Johnny
in a non-existent Doctor Who
movie is “utter tosh.” He also wants you to quit caring – if he wants you to know something he’ll tell you unwashed
. He complains that “Johnny f**king Depp! Do you know what my
life is these days? Someone sits in New Zealand, types out a fucking rumor and
I spend the next three days dealing with that rumor.”

Sources are saying that SyFy is going to announce a second season for Caprica next week once it locks
down the actors, whose deals have expired. It’s likely to be a short 10-13
episode order until they see of ratings improve. As long as I get my violent
gay gangster, I’m happy.

I had no idea that Sir
Ian McKellen’s
touring production of Waiting
for Godot
was directed by his ex, Sean Mathais, who he dated for eight years. It’s a glowing article, mentioning “This is a man
somehow unselfconsciously aware of himself and his place as one of the world’s
greatest and most celebrated actors.”

At the Netroots
convention of liberal (and queer!) bloggers and politicians, the moderator gave Senator Harry Reid Dan Choi’s West Point
to keep until Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed. When Senator Reid tried to return the ring, saying he hadn’t earned it, Choi stepped onto the stage and saluted him. The whole thing
is being called a true “moment in time” in gay rights.

Jon Favreau was
at Comic-Con with his Cowboys and Aliens film, and to break the tension
created by the stabbing by a Harry Potter-shirted
attendee over seating, Favreau walked Harrison Ford out in handcuffs
. The film stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford,
Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde, and marked Ford’s first
visit to Comic-Con.

The villagers of Shitterton were tired of getting their town sign stolen
by kids, and so bought a boulder and had the name carved into the rock. Oddly,
they never considered changing the name of the town.

An infestation of pooping pigeons in the Verizon Amphitheater in St.
Louis caused the cancellation of a Kings
of Leon
concert . The drummer was hit three times in three songs,
including once in the face. Maybe the pigeons just have better taste in music?

Reports say that the cast of 90210 doesn’t
even know which male lead is coming out as gay
, and that includes the
three actors involved.  To further muddy
the waters, Liam/Annie are done, since they’ve cast an older love interest for
her. And Evan Ross, playing Charlie,
is being put in a love triangle with unknown cast members.

The picture series of a CF-18 pilot ejecting from his plane seconds before
crashing are too amazing to describe. Go look and come back to discuss.

Out Avenue Q star John Tartaglia has teamed up to do a PSA for the World Society for the Protection
of Animals
, and there’s nothing cuter than him with his spaniels.
Unless he brought a puppet. Puppets make anything cuter.

Boy George is
back to DJ’ing. He’s had his numerous problems, but you have to admit, he’s a
survivor.  And now that his biopic, Worried About the Boy has aired, he’s off on a world tour with his music. Can you
believe he’s 49-years-old?

Thor really sounds
like it spends way too much time in the “real world” as opposed to Asgard.
But since that means more of Chris
in a t-shirt, and less time in that silly costume that covers all
of his muscles, I can live with that.

Everyone who saw one of the screenings over the weekend for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World loved it. Everyone who loved it
loved Wallace, with sayingWallace Wells, whose ability to
meddle in Scott’s affairs borders on the mystical. Plus, his rapport with
Scott’s sister Stacey is a thing of beauty.” It sounds like if there’s a weak
link in the movie, it’s Ramona, who
many have called “too passive.”

Here are The 13 Most Awkwardly Altered Lyrics on ‘Kidz Bop 18.’” I
was just noting the other day that Kidz Bop was doing Justin Bieber, which seemed redundant. 

When Sir Elton John
isn’t busy singing at weddings for homophobes, he’s calling Eminen once-per-week to check on his sobriety.

The cosplay costume contest winner at one party was from Human Centipede. This may be NSFW, but it’s definitely not
safe for lunch.

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