Morning Meme: Matt Doyle Sings For Trevor Project, Bosley To Be a Nerdy Hunk, and Why Piers Morgan Banned Madonna

ABC is working on rebooting Charlie’s Angels for the fall season, and while the Angels have
always been smokin’ hot, Bosley hasn’t
been much to look at. But that may be changing. TV Guide reports on the casting: “John Bosley, in
his late-20s to mid-30s, is described as having “GQ looks” and a
“Peter Pan” smile. While the detective is known for his savvy hacking
skills, a killer six-pack hides under his designer suits.” So he’s a gay nerd?
Setting my DVR now.

President Obama
appointed a new Chief of Staff now that Rahm
is going to become dictator of Chicago. But is William Daley going to be bad for gay rights?

Our corporate cousins over at Best Week Ever have gathered a
collection of The 11 Most Effable Male Sex Dolls (mildly NSFW). The names
just slay me “The Twink Martindale” or “The Adam Lambert” sort of make sense,
but I’m still confused by “The Christine Baranski.”

September 30th is an official nerd holiday, since the entire Star
will be released on BluRay. It may restart the economy,
since you’ll likely need to get a multigenerational mortgage to pay for it.

We may have mentioned that Steve Howey, most famous for being the rather clueless hunk Van on Reba , is in the new Showtime production
of Shameless, and that he does the Full Monty. Totally NSFW images from the scene in question are
available to help you decide if you need to subscribe to Showtime.

Lady Gaga’s collaboration
with Polaroid is going to lead to a bunch of new products, but none quite as
strange as the wraparound glasses which have a camera in the center, with
LCD screens facing outward to show the images you’ve captured.

Secretary Gates has ordered the DoD to accelerate the pace of repeal for
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, saying the preparation for regulations and changes should
be done in weeks, then training for the 2.2 million soldiers can begin. I’m
still unclear as to what we’re training them on, but maybe that’s just me.

Remember the little boy who dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween? Warner Bros. shipped him a huge gift pack of Scooby Doo toys, videos and
games, plus a custom, autographed drawing of Daphne with Scooby.

Skeezy underwear designer Andrew Christian has debuted the Shock Jock Flirt, the penis enhancing
underwear, with a molded penis insert to enhance your look at the club.

Steven Spielberg
has evidently shot some footage for his ridiculously expensive time travel dinosaur
series Terra Nova, because we have some pictures to look at. No real sweeping
vistas, nor any dinosaurs, but lots of images of terrified people, which is
what I look for when I choose new programs.

Piers Morgan felt it necessary to expound on why he’s banned Madonna from his new CNN show. “”[Madonna]
has kind of been an irritant in my life for 20 years, so I had to ban her from
the show. Lady Gaga is half her age,
twice as talented, twice as good looking — why would I bother with

Fox is doing it’s best to make sure that there’s something
about Super Bowl Sunday for those of us that don’t like football. There’s the
giant Glee episode after the game, and before the game Bill
will interview President
. I can’t imagine anything more uncomfortable.

A penguin escaped the penguin enclosure at a German zoo and wandered into the lion enclosure. Fortunately, the lions
had no intention of leaving their heated den to go outside and snack on a
penguin pop. Also, how insecure are these pens?

The birth of twins spanned the
in New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, making the twins born in
separate years. It probably happens all the time, but it’s still kind of cool.

China is considering making it a felony to not visit your parents often enough,
or to not care for them into their golden years.

A Swedish company named “locum” designed possibly the worst logo in the history of logos.



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