Morning Meme: Matthew Mitcham Is Too Perfect, Take a Spin On YikeBike, and Getting to Know Catweazle

Emmy winning composer-musician Lance Horne will be releasing his new CD First Things Last on January 11, 2011. Featured on his CD are local
favorites Cheyenne Jackson, Alan Cumming, and for the alternative
set, Amanda Palmer.

Dreamworks Animation is set to make a movie of the comic Maintenance. I don’t know the work, but based on a tiny bit of
reading, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be targeted at kids.

Far From Heaven is headed to the stage, and it’s got some major players
behind it. It reminds me that I really need to go back and watch the movie again.
I think I may have matured enough to change the boredom I felt seeing it many,
many years ago.

Greg In Hollywood has named Darren Criss his New Star of the Year. I agree with his reasoning, because
while I was aware of A Very Potter
, Criss himself hadn’t really jumped out at me until Glee, and he truly became an Insta-star.
My undying love to whoever gets that last reference.

Adam Lambert always wanted the Power Wheels Corvette for Christmas as a
child. Can he just buy the real Corvette now that he’s a big star, or is he
still contractually obligated to Ford?

There are a ton of spoilers in this article. One that jumps out is
Modern Family, which could
truly be hysterical, plus I’m not sure it’s ever been done on television with a
gay couple. Another is the tidbit that the Lucy Lawless character Lucretia has a
lesbian sex scene in Spartacus: Gods of
the Arena
(and it’s not plot revealing if I don’t mention who the other character is).

Lady Gaga and Kanye West are MTV’s Most Fashionable Celebrities. First off, I oppose
honoring Kanye in any way, because if his ego gets any bigger the earth may
tilt and spin off its axis. And while I love Gaga, I’m not sure what she does is
called “fashionable.” It twists the meaning, and also diminishes her avante
garde nature.

These high speed photographs of drops of ink in water are truly

I find it disturbing that stories about the passing of Steve Landesberg call him “Forgetting
Sarah Marshall
actor” and don’t lead with his signature role on Barney Miller. Our thoughts are with his
friends and family.

I don’t know what Catweazle
is, but the pictures look very strange. I suspect they’ll be even stranger on the big screen in movie form. has
a wrap up of 2010

Here’s Four Bad Lessons from Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer
, and it makes me sad that the piece is right,
and this isn’t really good for children. I love Rudolph.

The Associated Press has named Betty White their Entertainer of the Year.

How would you like to have to buy your data plan for your smartphone by the application?
Pay more to watch YouTube than to check email? It’s being actively considered,
and the FCC is unlikely to stop it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The
was named Best Picture, Comedy or Musical at the International Press
Academy.  And all the “critics” are
laughing, but the movie was better than anyone gave it credit for.

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